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HVAC System doesn’t only mean heating and cooling, although many people think that is the fact. Ventilation is as much as important as heating and air conditioning. It is indeed the center part of HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning).

Ventilation basically manages the heated and air-conditioned airflow in the house and it is important for ensuring fresh air supply which is a crying need for any bathroom.

Proper ventilation is a must for bathroom and that can be possible with an exhaust fan. Here are the benefits of a well-ventilated bathroom with an exhaust fan.


Benefits of an exhaust fan-installed well-ventilated bathroom

Benefits Of A Well-Ventilated Bathroom With Exhaust Fans by Rifat

1.       Exhaust fans in your bathroom eliminate odor

Last time when you went to your office restroom or any public washroom, you must have thought how wonderful it would have been if the smell wasn’t there. Imagine your family members or guests thinking the same thing about your bathroom.

There’s no denying the fact that bathroom odors are, were and will be there. You cannot prevent it. Surely you can use scented products. But they are not a permanent solution – an exhaust fan is. When you install an exhaust fan in the bathroom, the air inside the bathroom keeps circulating. This way, the air in the bathroom stays fresh and you don’t have to spray the scented bathroom fresheners every time someone uses it. Your bathroom will be ready to use all the time.

2.       Exhaust fans are a good weapon for avoiding harmful contaminates

I don’t need to remind you about the germs in the bathroom. They are everywhere. From the shining floor to the dusty ceiling. But the germs are not alone.

To clean the bathroom floor and walls, we use products with chemical concentration and these aggressive substances are airborne. So, the airborne germs, the airborne micro particulates and the airborne chemical compound – all three make the bathroom air dangerous as hell. So, it’s only logical that we keep the air circulating all the times, especially when the bathroom has been cleaned with aggressive chemical cleaning agents. And this is where the exhaust fans come in. These exhaust fans in your bathroom don’t let germs, dirt, and chemical compounds to stay inside the bathroom. It gets rid of them by pushing them with the circulating air. This is how the exhaust fans and overall, ventilation is so important for a fresh bathroom.

3.       These exhaust fans in bathroom reduce humidity from air

If you have ever been to an old house on in the sewer system, you know what humidity can to the surrounding. It can force the wallpaper to peel off, allow paints freckles to fall from the wall, ruin the furniture and a lot of other horrible things. Imagine what it will do to your bathroom.

No matter how good of a designer you hired, your bathroom won’t be immune to wear and tear unless the humidity level isn’t controlled. That’s exactly what the exhaust fans do. They help reduce the humidity in the air and keep everything from wallpaper to the sink, fresh, healthy and odorless.

4.       No more foggy mirrors, thanks to the exhaust fans

Foggy mirrors are the worst thing that can happen to you when you shave. The lack of visibility due to the water vapor can cause a serious accident or ruin your touch up for a quick dinner party downstairs. But if you have an exhaust fan installed in your bathroom, the fan will ensure water vapor doesn’t come between you and your mirror.


See the summary in this infographic – Benefits Of A Well-Ventilated Bathroom With Exhaust Fans [Infographic]

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