Green Leaf Air




Shipping Locations

We mainly ship to all customers in Texas; additionally, we also ship to other parts of the US.


How Does Our Shipping Work?

GreenLeafAir.com fulfills all your shipments.

From the page where you place your order, be sure to select the right shipping date for you. While we make our best attempts to deliver on your selected date, please note not that the delivery date can change based on circumstances provided by GreenLeafAir.com.

Once you confirm your order and shipping data, our representative will reach out to you over email to confirm the date, location, and time of the shipment for your newly purchased HVAC unit.


Instructions for Your Shipment

Follow these instructions to ensure smooth handover of your delivery:


Be present on the premises on the day of the delivery

Please be present on the premises on the day of the delivery to provide your signature and receive the shipment. Moreover, you must check the unit/units for damage and subsequently receive the delivery with your signature.


Notification of Delivery

On the date of the delivery, the deliverymen will confirm over a phone call whether you will be able to receive your new HVAC unit and can sign for the delivery


What to Do If I Miss My Delivery?

If you do not receive the delivery at the designated time, an additional 15% reshipment fee will be charged.


* Green Leaf Air reserves the right to change the shipping policy at any time.