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There is a misconception that only pollen and pet dander cause allergies. But besides these, dust and other micro-particles can trigger allergy symptoms. Luckily, by ensuring regular AC maintenance, you can protect your house from dust, allergens, and other micro-particles and enjoy spring.


How AC Maintenance Helps Prevent Springtime Allergies

1.   No More Excess Humidity

Air conditioner removes excess moisture from the air and keeps your space cool and comfortable. But when the cooling system doesn’t function properly, it won’t be able to remove moisture from the air. Thus, there will be a buildup of excess moisture in your space.

Usually, molds grow in high-humid conditions, and when there are molds inside your house, they’ll trigger allergy symptoms. Besides, molds can make your house stinky and decrease the IAQ. However, you can eliminate these issues by doing regular AC maintenance.

When you do regular air conditioner maintenance, your cooling system will function properly and be able to remove excess humidity from your space. Thus, molds won’t be able to grow in your house, and you won’t have to deal with springtime allergies.

2.   Regular AC Air Filter Replacement Prevents Dust Buildup

AC air filter blocks the dust and keeps the indoor air clean. But as it blocks dust, allergens, and other micro-particles, it gets clogged frequently. And when it gets clogged, you need to replace them. If you delay replacing the air filter, dust and allergens will start to build up in the air filter and start affecting the other AC parts. For example, when you ignore the AC air filter replacement, dust and allergens will start to accumulate inside the air ducts.

When the air ducts are filled with these micro-particles, it will eventually lower your indoor air quality and trigger allergy symptoms. Moreover, due to excess dust, there will be additional stress on the AC unit, eventually leading to system failure.

Usually, an air filter lasts about 2 months. After that, dust starts to build up on the air filter and starts affecting the cooling unit. However, if you live in a polluted city or close to an industrial park, you may have to replace the air filter more frequently. To know about the exact replacement date, contact an HVAC expert.

If you want extra protection from dust and allergens, you can install HEPA air filters. These air filters can block micro-particles and keep your indoor air clean.

However, if you’re currently using an old air conditioning unit, these HEPA or high-rated air filters may not be compatible with the cooling system. That’s why before installing such an air filter, consult an HVAC professional.

3.   Duct Cleaning Keeps You Safe from Springtime Allergens & Improves IAQ

Often, homeowners take care of all the HVAC parts, except air ducts. But air ducts are an integral part of an air conditioning unit. It carries the produced air from the cooling system to your room. If it has dust or is damaged, it will affect the whole cooling process. Besides, excess dust and allergens inside the air ducts will make your indoor air unbreathable and trigger allergy symptoms. That’s why before the start of spring, make sure that you clean the air ducts.

4.   Regular AC Maintenance Prevents Standing Water

The drain pans and condensate lines will become clogged when you neglect air conditioner maintenance for years. As a result, removed moisture from the air will start accumulating in the pans, and eventually, there will be leakage. And when there is water leakage from the cooling unit, it’ll lead to poor indoor air quality.

Standing water is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. If you have allergy issues, standing water is the last thing you would want in your house. When there is standing water inside your house, within no time, you’ll be breathing air filled with bacteria and mold, which will trigger the allergy symptoms and make everyone in your house sick. That’s why it’s crucial to do AC maintenance regularly and clean the drain pans and condensate lines along with other AC parts.


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See it in an infographic here – How AC Maintenance Helps Prevent Springtime Allergies [Infographic]

How AC Maintenance Helps Prevent Springtime Allergies
How AC Maintenance Helps Prevent Springtime Allergies
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