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You may think that two is better. But it is not true for air conditioners. If you keep the windows open while the air conditioning unit is on, it can affect your comfort and cause a temperature imbalance.


5 Reasons Why You Should Never Keep the Windows Open When the AC Is On

1.  Dust Buildup

When you keep the windows open while the air conditioner is on, expect dust buildup all over the house. As a result, the indoor air quality will start to degrade, especially if you are living in a densely populated city.

You will start to notice a layer of dust on your furniture and home appliances. This can create serious issues if you have asthma or respiratory problems.

Again, dust and air conditioner don’t go together. When there is excessive dust in your house, it will affect your HVAC unit as well. For example, when there is dust buildup on the AC evaporator coil, it will affect the cooling process. Your cooling unit will require to operate for longer hours, which will eventually increase the electricity consumption. As a result, you will see a sharp rise in your monthly cooling bill.

Moreover, when the air conditioning is operating for longer hours, it will create a lot of strain on the HVAC system, eventually leading to costly repairs, and in the worst-case scenario, you will have to experience an HVAC system breakdown.

2.  AC Will Require More Time to Cool the Space

You may think that by opening the windows of your house, your AC will cool your space faster. But it is actually the opposite.

When you keep the windows open during summer, outside hot air will sweep into your house. Slowly, you will start to feel the heat of the sun. In this situation, your air conditioning unit will require more time to cool your space. And sometimes, it may not even reach the desired cooling temperature.

3.  Excess Humidity

An air conditioning unit keeps the house cool by eliminating excess water from the air. But when you keep the windows open, you welcome more humidity or moisture in your house. Because of this, your AC unit will have to do double duty to keep the space cool. And when it happens, you can expect higher cooling bills.

4.  Irregular Temperature

If you keep the windows open while the AC is on, you will notice irregular temperature and hot and cold zones in your home. Because the hot air outside will be constantly entering your home. And then, even if the air conditioning unit is producing cold air, it won’t be enough to keep an even temperature in your home.

5.  Irregular AC Cycling

When you turn on your air conditioner, it remains on until the desired temperature is reached. As soon as the set temperature is reached, AC turns off. Again, it starts functioning when the temperature crosses the set temperature. Thus, the whole cooling process goes on, and this is called air conditioner cycling.

However, when you keep the windows open, this cycle doesn’t complete and residents start to notice irregularities. As a result, your AC unit faces excess pressure and needs to operate longer. Moreover, irregular AC cycling wears out the AC parts faster, resulting in frequent heavy HVAC repairs.


Should You Sleep with the Windows Open or Closed?

It depends on the outside temperature at night. For example, if the outside temperature stays between 60 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit, you can turn off your air conditioning unit. However, if the temperature is above 65, it is advised to turn on the AC.

Again, you will have to consider the temperature difference day and night. Usually, nights are colder, and as the sun rises, the temperature increases. This is why if you prefer to stay in bed for a bit longer, you should keep the AC on at night.


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See the summary of this in an infographic form here – 5 Reasons Not To Keep Windows Open When AC Is On [Infographic]


5 Reasons Not To Keep Windows Open When AC Is On
5 Reasons Not To Keep Windows Open When AC Is On
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