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Air pollution in Dallas has reached a new height in the last few years. The AQI in Dallas is one of the worst in the US for both ozone air pollution and PM2.5. In 2019, Dallas, Texas air quality failed to meet the nationally mandated level, which was PM2.5 pollution. Due to air pollution in Dallas, more than 1.5 million residents in Dallas are at health risk.

There may be a number of reasons behind the high AQI of Dallas such as industrialization, personal cars, etc. In this article, I’ll talk about the reasons behind air pollution in Dallas and what can be done to increase the Plano Texas air quality.


Dallas Air Pollution & What Can be Done to Improve the Air Quality Index in Dallas

Dallas Air Quality Today

In 2019, the air quality index of Dallas was moderate but opposed threat to sensitive groups of people and considered as unhealthy. Again, the commission on environmental quality stated that the Dallas Fort Worth air quality had more than 100 days of unhealthy air quality.


Dallas Air Pollution & WHO Report on Dallas Fort Worth Air Quality

What is PM 2.5 and What is the Impact of It on the Air Quality?

To understand the air quality index in Dallas, you’ll have to first understand the PM2.5. The term PM2.5 is used to measure the presence of particulate and unhealthy matter in the air. For example, dust, debris, and other unhealthy matter present in the air.

PM 2.5 is very small and can remain in the air for a long time. If you inhale this PM 2.5 pollution, you’ll have to face health issues for the long term. Besides, these PM2.5 pollutants can cause cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. If you’re already in the sensitive groups of people or have respiratory disease, these pollutants may harm your health badly.

WHO Report on the Air Quality in Dallas & AQI of Dallas and Fort Worth Air Quality

According to the World air quality data, air pollution in Dallas is one of the worst among all the cities of Texas and currently ranks 4th among all the cities of the US. Besides, Fort Worth air quality ranks in the top 5 in terms of pollution.

Again, according to the WHO, the annual PM 2.5 exposure should not cross 10 mg per meter cube. But WHO 2019 report data don’t give any good news to the residents of Dallas. Both Dallas, Texas, and Fort Worth has hit the new low in terms of AQI and PM 2.5. On average, PM 2.5 stayed 12.3 and 13.7 mg per meter cube respectively in Dallas and Fort Worth. From this report, you can understand the level of pollution in Dallas and how unhealthy the air is in Dallas.

Air Quality Plano TX and AQI Map

To understand the air quality Plano, Texas, you can look at the AQI map of the city. From the AQI map, you’ll notice that the AQI level is very high in a densely populated area. Again, if you look at the AQI map more closely, you’ll notice that the AQI of the industrialized area is very unhealthy and filled with fine particulate. Besides, the air quality index, AQI of the industrialized area is very high.


Dallas TX Air Quality Index & Impact of Ozone

Ozone is another hazardous pollutant that increases the AQI level of a city. Both the TCEQ – Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Commission on Environmental Quality has raised concerns over the AQI of Dallas. A number of environmental quality organizations such as the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality or TCEQ and the State of the Air Report rated Dallas “F” for ozone pollution.

One of the main reasons behind this rating was that Dallas has exceeded the number of annual days in the ozone standard. Again, in 2018, 8.2 days in Dallas were marked as unhealthy due to ozone pollutant. But during this time, the national average of the ozone pollutant was only 3 days. Since the establishment of the ozone standard, Dallas has failed every year and marked as unhealthy.


Plano Texas Air Quality & How Bad the Air Pollution Dallas, Texas Is?

Dallas Fort Worth AQI data has shown that particle pollution in Dallas, Texas improved a lot in the last few decades. But in 2019, this city in Texas had seen an off-trend. The AQI levels were very bad and were filled with particle pollution. Because of this, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality or TCEQ has raised concerns over particle pollution and marked this city of Texas unhealthy for sensitive groups.


Commission on Environmental Quality and Updated Data On AQI, Texas

If we look at the AQI data, and the updated particle pollution data, we can see that ozone levels have improved over the years. But from 2015, we can see the high activity of ozone particle pollution in the air. Besides, the day number of hazardous and unhealthy ozone has jumped from Day 5.3 to day 6.7. Again, in 2018, we can see a sharp rise in the day number. The day number jumped from 8.2 to 6.7 in 2018. From this information and data, we can understand why different organizations in Texas marked Dallas Fort Worth unhealthy for sensitive groups and a risk area for people who have respiratory disease.


Reasons Behind Poor Dallas Fort Worth Air Quality

There are a number of reasons behind the current air quality and bad AQI of Dallas Fort Worth. For example, there are a good number of vehicles present in Dallas Fort Worth and this number is increasing day by day. Besides, few of the poorly regulated industries are using the loopholes to breach the restriction levels. Because of all this mismanagement, Dallas Fort Worth has become unhealthy for sensitive groups and became filled with particles. Moreover, from the air quality data, we cannot see a good sign in the air quality forecast. Considering all these factors, numerous organizations have marked the area as unhealthy for sensitive groups.


Impact of Vehicles on the Current Air Quality and Dallas Air Pollution

As I mentioned earlier, there are a good number of vehicles in Dallas, and it’s one of the main reasons behind current air quality. Before 1997, the number of vehicles in the area was moderate but after 1997, vehicle user values started to increase. In that year, vehicle user values went up to 27%.

If we look at the other cities of the US, only Chicago has more cars on the roads. According to the updated data of the area, about 76% of the vehicle has only one person inside. From this updated information, many organizations have suggested that the people of this location should use personal cars less and use other modes of transportation for outdoor purposes. For example, people of this location can use outdoor bikes to go from one place to another. Besides, for other outdoor purposes, they can use public transportation more. It is believed that if the people of this location manages to follow these rules, air quality forecast and AQI will start to improve day by day.


Impact of Industrialization on Dallas Air Quality Today and the Current AQI

Rapid industrialization is another reason behind poor air quality forecast and bad AQI. In recent times, the number of industries has increased in North Texas, and this number will rise from time to time. According to the updated data by Environmental Texas Research and Policy, North Texas is solely responsible for emitting hazardous particles in the location.


See the summary of this part here in an infographic – 4 Reasons Behind Poor Dallas Fort Worth Air Quality [Infographic]


Air Quality Dallas: Allergies

Due to these pollutions and bad AQI, people in Dallas are suffering from different diseases such as allergies and cancer. Many health organizations have warned that if we cannot stop the spread of hazardous materials as soon as possible, many people will die from cancer in the upcoming years.


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