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Newer thermostats have a feature called “Recovery Mode.” When this thermostat recovery mode is enabled, your HVAC unit will turn on before its scheduled time. But why do newer thermostats have this feature, and does this feature help to save more energy?


Everything about Thermostat Recovery Mode

Older thermostats didn’t have any feature called “Recovery Mode.” But in newer thermostats, this is a common feature and helps to save more energy. As this feature was not available in the older thermostats, many homeowners assume that the recovery mode indicates a malfunction in their HVAC unit. But as I said earlier, it enables your HVAC unit to be more energy-efficient.

Depending on your thermostat brand, recovery mode can be mentioned on the screen as “Smart Recovery” or “Recovery.” When this recovery mode is enabled, it indicates that the HVAC unit is shifting to regular mode from the energy-efficient mode. And to shift to the regular mode, your heating or cooling unit will turn on before your scheduled time.


How It Makes Your HVAC Unit More Energy-Efficient?

When you use an older thermostat in your HVAC system, it drastically reduces or increases the temperature. As a result, it creates pressure on the HVAC unit and consumes more energy. But you use a smart thermostat, your HVAC unit slowly increases or decreases the temperature of your space. Thus, your HVAC unit has less load and consumes less energy.

However, even after switching to a smart thermostat, if your electric bill is still increasing, there is a high probability that there is a refrigerant leak in your HVAC unit. As the refrigerant is hazardous for humans, you should turn off your cooling system and call a nearby HVAC expert ASAP.


4 Benefits of Thermostat Recovery Mode

1.      Adjusts to Your Behavior

If you have a recovery feature in your thermostat, after some time, you won’t have to change the temperature manually. This mode allows the thermostat to read your behavior and change the temperature accordingly. For example, if you have scheduled the thermostat to turn on at 7 PM when you return to your home, the thermostat will read this behavior and record this information in its memory. And if you continue scheduling your thermostat like this, the smart thermostat will master this behavior and switch to recover mode before 7 PM. Thus, you’ll find your house comfortable all the time, even when you don’t schedule the thermostat temperature.

2.      Reduces Electricity Cost and Stress on the HVAC Unit

It is found that about fifty percent of the total electricity is used for heating and cooling the space. If you have to reduce your electricity cost, you’ll have to reduce the HVAC utility cost.

The thermostat recovery mode doesn’t allow the HVAC system to blast cold or hot air throughout your space. Instead, it generates hot or cold air gradually. Because of this, your HVAC unit requires less electricity, reduces your monthly electricity costs.

Again, when the HVAC unit generates hot and cold air rapidly, it creates a lot of stress and strain on the HVAC system. If this continues for a long time, it will wear your HVAC system parts out and require frequent repairs. But when the thermostat is in recovery mode, your AC unit won’t have such an issue.

3.      More Comfort

By using this thermostat recovery mode, you can maximize your comfort. The thermostat recovery mode can read the outside conditions as well and change the indoor temperature accordingly. Thus, you’ll always feel comfortable in your house. But does that mean you cannot set the temperature on your own? No, you can still set the temperature you prefer.

With the use of the recovery mode, the process of heating or cooling your space is way easier now.

4.      Indicates that the HVAC System is Running

Sometimes it’s difficult to identify whether or not your HVAC system is functioning. But by using the recovery mode, you won’t have such confusion.

When you see the recovery mode on your thermostat screen, it indicates that your HVAC system is functioning. And if you don’t see the word “Recovery” on your thermostat screen, it indicates that your HVAC unit is not turned on or has no power.


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See the summary of this in an infographic – Explained: Thermostat Recovery Mode…


4 Benefits of Thermostat Recovery Mode
4 Benefits of Thermostat Recovery Mode
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