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Thinking about replacing your old furnace and cooling unit? Then consider a furnace AC combo unit for the price of one HVAC system.


5 Benefits of Furnace AC Combo Unit

1.   Everything Under One HVAC Maintenance Plan

If you want your HVAC units to last 10 to 15 years, you’ll have to do maintenance checkups at least once a year. But when you have two separate HVAC units, doing maintenance checkups for two HVAC units can be a bit daunting. Besides, many HVAC manufacturing companies don’t allow mix and match HVAC brands. And when you use AC and furnaces from two different brands, it can void your HVAC warranty.

But when you purchase an AC furnace combo unit, you won’t have to face these issues. As the air conditioner and the furnace comes together as a package, you won’t require separate maintenances. Besides, there is no risk of the HVAC warranty getting void.

2.   One Installation Cost for Two HVAC Units

Many HVAC manufacturers don’t allow DIY HVAC installations. So, you need a professional HVAC installation to keep your warranty intact. But HVAC installation costs are a bit pricy. You’ll have to pay around $1,000 for each HVAC unit, and this cost is increasing. And when you have two HVAC units to install, it’ll cost you 2x.

Here, you can save money by purchasing an AC furnace combo unit. When you purchase a furnace AC combo unit, you’ll only have to pay for one HVAC installation. That means you can have comfort throughout the year by paying for only one HVAC installation.

3.   Cost-Effective & Provides Peace of Mind

Modern HVAC units are way more energy-efficient than the older ones. Besides, when you purchase a modern HVAC unit, you can have better indoor air quality and soundless heating and cooling operation. This is why, if you have an older air conditioner and furnace, you should replace them ASAP.

But replacing both the cooling unit and furnace requires a significant amount of money. Besides, it requires a lot of research, measurements, and various factors to consider. But when you purchase a furnace AC combo unit, you won’t have to think about all these. Besides, you can get a furnace AC combo unit at a single HVAC unit price.

Again, as time goes by, HVAC units start to perform poorly. It starts to have issues such as CO and refrigerant leaks, which are very hazardous for humans. Moreover, due to worn-out HVAC parts, older HVAC units require frequent repairs that cost a lot. And each year, due to HVAC malfunctions, many homeowners lose their houses and belongings.

But all these can be avoided by replacing the older HVAC unit with a new one, especially with a furnace AC combo unit. When you have a new HVAC unit, you won’t have to worry about HVAC repairs, at least for the first few years. Besides, you’ll enjoy optimum performance from your HVAC unit, and the risk of catching fire from the HVAC system will be close to zero.

4.   Decreases the Insurance Premium

You can decrease your home insurance premium just by replacing your old HVAC unit with a new furnace AC combo unit or a new HVAC system.

As I mentioned above, when you have an older HVAC unit, the probability of catching fire in your house is way higher. But you can eliminate this risk by purchasing a new HVAC unit. And when you do, many insurance companies decrease their home insurance premium. Because newer HVAC unit reduces the risk of house fires.

Again, if you have plans to sell your house, you must purchase a new furnace AC combo unit. Because when you have a new and modern HVAC unit, you can increase your asking price, and the buyers will always like to have a house with a modern HVAC unit.

5.   Beneficial for Those Who Require Financing

If you’re planning to purchase HVAC units with credit, you should go for a furnace AC combo unit. Because if you want to purchase both the AC and furnace with a loan, your credit report will have two hits, and your credit score will decrease. On the flip side, when you apply for one HVAC or furnace AC combo unit, you’ll have less effect on your credit report.


See the summary of this content here in an infographic – 5 Benefits of Furnace A/C Combo Unit [Infographic]


5 Benefits of Furnace AC Combo Unit

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  • John November 21, 2022 at 10:22 am

    Then I think I should opt for multiple brands for my next AC system

    • Rifat A. November 26, 2022 at 9:38 am

      Be sure to discuss it with an HVAC contractor before you decide. Good luck.


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