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Programmable or smart thermostats are one of the best ways to save money on electric bills. By using a smart or programmable thermostat, you can make your HVAC system energy-efficient and long-lasting. In this article, I’ll talk about a few tips while using a programmable or smart thermostat.


4 Tips for Smart Thermostat

1.    Buy the Thermostat that Matches with Your Requirements

There are many smart thermostats available on the market. Each of the thermostats comes with both pros and cons. Also, some thermostats are made for special HVAC equipment. So, before buying a smart thermostat, check whether the smart thermostat is compatible with your HVAC equipment or not. If you buy a smart thermostat that isn’t compatible with your HVAC equipment, it won’t bring any good but bad for your HVAC equipment. Also, you won’t get the desired output from your HVAC unit.

Again, many programmable thermostats come with varieties of features. You’ll have to buy that one which matches your requirements. For example, many smart thermostats allow you to program temperature for seven days, whereas some thermostat allows you to adjust temperature every day of the week. Also, you can set a different temperature for weekdays and weekends in a smart thermostat.

At first, you’ll have to decide what you need from a smart thermostat and then buy accordingly. If you buy a smart thermostat that doesn’t match your requirements, then there’s no argument of buying a smart thermostat in the first place. For example, if you’re a busy person and bought a smart thermostat that you’ll have to set the thermostat temperature regularly, you won’t get the best output from the smart thermostat. So, it’s important to set your requirements first and buy accordingly.

2.    Install the Smart Thermostat in the Right Spot of the House

Installing the smart thermostat in the right spot in the house important because it has a sensor in it, which helps the smart thermostat to set the temperature accordingly. If you install the smart thermostat in the cold or warm spot of your house, your smart thermostat won’t be able to provide the accurate heating and cooling. As a result, you won’t get the desired output from your smart thermostat. For example, if you install the smart thermostat in a place where the temperature is below or above the average temperature of your house, the smart thermostat will count that temperature and provide heating and cooling accordingly. As a result, you will get more or less heating and cooling from your HVAC unit, which will hamper your comfort.

It’s recommended that you should install the smart thermostat in a place of your house where the temperature isn’t high or low. You should install the smart thermostat in the interior wall of your house and try to place it above from the floor. This will allow your smart thermostat to have the accurate reading and you’ll get the accurate heating and cooling also.

3.    Use the Wi-FI Feature of the Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are called smart because they have some unique features like Wi-Fi, remote control, etc. When you and your family members are out of the house for a long time, consider using the WI-FI feature of the smart thermostat. By using the Wi-Fi feature, you can always access the thermostat. So, if you need to change the temperature when you’re away from home, you can do it by a single click by using the Wi-Fi feature. Also, when you’re heading back to your home, you can change the temperature according to your comfort. Besides, if you forgot to change the temperature while going to the office, you can change the temperature at any time while sitting in the office. You don’t have to worry about the thermostat anymore by using the Wi-Fi feature of the smart thermostat.

4.    Set temperature According to the Season

If you want to save more, then set the temperature of your smart thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit in summer and 65 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit in winter. This will save you at least 10% on electric bills every month. When there is less difference in temperature between the inside and outside, your HVAC equipment performs well and saves a lot of energy.


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4 Smart Thermostat Tips
4 Smart Thermostat Tips


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