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If you have purchased a new HVAC unit, you may think, since everything is in tip-top condition, why do I have to worry about having an HVAC maintenance plan? This is partially true since newer units can also perform poorly without the HVAC maintenance plan.


4 Reasons to Get a Maintenance Plan for Your New HVAC System

1.   Protection Against Water Damage from HVAC Unit

Water leaks damage building structures, walls, and other decorative finishes. If you don’t want your house to suffer from water damage, you will have to protect your AC unit from dust and debris. Because when there is dust inside the HVAC unit, coils will become clogged, causing water leakage. Even if you have a new HVAC unit, you will notice water leakage from the HVAC system if you install it in a dusty place.

To protect the HVAC unit from dust, you will have to do regular AC maintenance. It is recommended to perform one annual HVAC maintenance checkup. During a yearly HVAC maintenance checkup, a technician will clean the unit thoroughly, and if the system requires any replacement, he will do it as well. As a result, the AC unit will be in the best state all year round.

These days, it is mandatory to have an HVAC maintenance plan for tenants in high-rise buildings. Because without the HVAC maintenance plan, there will be water leakage from the cooling system, which can damage the entire structure.

2.   HVAC Warranty is Void Without a Maintenance Plan

As long as you have the HVAC warranty, you won’t have to shell money from your own pocket for any HVAC repair. However, due to negligence, this HVAC warranty can be void. For example, some HVAC manufacturing company includes the clause of having an HVAC maintenance plan. Without an HVAC maintenance plan, your HVAC warranty will be void.

So, while purchasing a new HVAC system, ask the salesperson whether such a clause is included in the HVAC warranty. If it requires having an HVAC maintenance plan, hire an HVAC maintenance company that will keep a record of all the HVAC maintenance and provide good HVAC service.

3.   Prevents Refrigerant Leakage

AC refrigerant helps keep your space cool. However, this AC refrigerant is toxic and hazardous. Any physical contact with AC refrigerant can harm your body. Also, AC refrigerant leakage lowers the cooling capacity of your air conditioning unit. Moreover, it puts extra strain on the unit, which results in more energy consumption and frequent repairs. However, when you have a maintenance plan for your new HVAC unit, you won’t have to worry about these at all. Because during the maintenance, the technician will check the AC refrigerant level. If he finds out that the refrigerant level has dropped or requires refilling, he will add refrigerant to the air conditioning unit. Again, if there is leakage in the AC, the technician will fix that. As a result, you will get consistent performance throughout the year.

4.   Ensures Good Indoor Air Quality

You may think that your AC unit keeps the space cool only. But it also keeps the IAQ in good condition. How?

It has an air filter, which blocks micro-particles and dust from entering the house. Thus, the indoor air quality stays in better condition. However, as the air filter is exposed to dust particles, it gets clogged quickly. And if you don’t replace the AC air filter, these dust particles will start to accumulate inside the HVAC unit. Moreover, these dust particles will mix with the indoor air and make the air inside your house unbreathable. However, you won’t have to worry about changing the HVAC air filter yourself when you have an HVAC maintenance plan. Under this HVAC maintenance plan, an HVAC technician will handle this and replace the air filter when it is required.


If you are searching for an HVAC company for a maintenance plan for your new HVAC unit, Green Leaf Air provides the best HVAC repair and maintenance solution in Dallas and surrounding areas. We have certified HVAC technicians who are ready to assist you 24/7. Also, we offer Trane, Goodman, MRCOOL, and RunTru HVAC units to our customers. For more details, call 972-992-5006.


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4 Reasons to Get a Maintenance Plan for New HVAC Unit
4 Reasons to Get a Maintenance Plan for New HVAC Unit
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    I think I will need a maintenance plan now. I haven’ t done my AC maintenance in a year. Is Green Leaf Air a good company to hire?

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      Our hundreds of genuine reviews from customer says so. Feel free to give us a call at (972) 992-5006 to discuss a custom maintenance plan just for you.


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