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According to the US Department of Energy, 56% of energy is used in heating and cooling at homes and up to 73% in commercial spaces. That’s a lot compared to other electrical appliances. But unfortunately, there are some negatives impacts of it like- excessive greenhouse gas production and excessive energy bills. These negative impacts push the users to switch to green HVAC technology. Undoubtedly, green HVAC technology can eliminate those negative impacts on the environment and on your bank balance. So, here are a few reasons why you should switch to green HVAC technology.


What is Green HVAC?

Green HVAC technology is a way to utilize natural resources to produce heating and cooling for commercial and residential spaces. Also, the green HVAC system is very energy efficient and ecofriendly. When you use a green HVAC system, your utility bill will be lower, and your HVAC system will produce less greenhouse gas.


4 Reasons to Switch to Green HVAC Technology

1.   Ban on R22 or Freon

Your old heating and cooling system may use R22 or Freon as a refrigerant. But the US Environmental Protection Agency or EPA has stated that they will be banning the use of R22 or Freon as refrigerant from January 1, 2020. If you are still using your old HVAC system, it is high time that you should change your HVAC system. Because as your old heating and cooling system is using R22 as refrigerant, it will be very difficult for you to replace the refrigerant, and it will cost you a lot of money. Also, you can be part of the green movement to reduce greenhouse gas as your new HVAC system will be using R410A as a refrigerant. So, buying a new HVAC system will allow you to save money, and your system will also run more efficiently.

2.   Customized Heating and Cooling Zones

If you want the ultimate heating and cooling experience in your house, you can consider buying a VRF or Variable Refrigerant Flow system for your home. The VRF system has many air handlers that allow the HVAC system to control the refrigerant flow. The VRF of Variable Refrigerant Flow system provides green heating and cooling for your house and office spaces. The main advantage of the VRF system is that it only produces the amount of cooling or heating needed for a particular zone. As a result, it consumes less energy and produces less greenhouse gas. It helps you to save money and makes it more energy-efficient than the traditional HVAC system. Also, it absorbs the heat from the cooling process and redirects the heat to the area where heat is required.

3.   Availability of Solar Energy

Solar energy or power is the most common green HVAC technology. A solar panel converts solar light to electricity and supplies that solar power to electric appliances. Previously, solar panels were costly to install in your house, but the US government has reduced the tax rates in solar panels and providing incentives to promote the usage of solar panels. Also, there are cheap systems available which use air or liquid to collect the energy from the sunlight and transfer that absorbed heat to the storage of your residence or commercial bridling. Because of the reduced tax rates, you can definitely use solar power for your HVAC system.

4.   Ice Powered Cooling System

If you’re looking for a new green technology that uses less energy and cools your house at the same time, ice power AC is the solution for you. The Ice power air conditioner freezes the water at night and uses that frozen water in the day when the temperature goes up. In this process, the air conditioner doesn’t use a compressor but uses that frozen water to cool your house. As it doesn’t use any compressor, obviously it will consume less energy and save your money. This ice powered cooling system is getting popular day by day in the US.


See the summary of this article here in this infographic – 4 Reasons To Switch To Green HVAC Technology [Infographic]

4 Reasons To Switch To Green HVAC Technology
4 Reasons To Switch To Green HVAC Technology

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