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In extreme cold and scorching heat, bugs and insects look for comfort and safety. HVAC system provides comfort, warmth, and moist condition that attracts bugs. Besides, your dirty air filter provides food for the bugs. That’s why your HVAC unit is a perfect place for bugs to take shelter. But when there are bugs inside the HVAC unit, it can create some issues. For example, many bugs carry diseases that can make you ill. Besides, bugs’ presence lowers the air quality. Here’s how to prevent bugs coming through your HVAC unit.


Can Bugs Enter into the HVAC Unit?

Unfortunately, yes. Bugs can enter your HVAC unit and your home. Roaches, spiders, ants, and other critters need little space to enter your HVAC system, and generally, they choose the condenser, vents, and air ducts to enter into the HVAC unit.


What Types of Bugs Can Enter in My HVAC System?

Dallas is usually warm throughout the year. During summer, you can expect different types of bugs entering your HVAC unit and home-like ants, spiders, mosquitos, fleas, etc.

To survive, bugs require light, a food source, and shelter. And your house has all these. However, you can prevent bugs from coming through your HVAC unit.


3 Tips to Prevent Bugs Coming Though the HVAC System

1.   Seal the Leaks & Cracks

Over time, holes, tears, leaks and cracks can appear on the air ducts due to a lack of maintenance. And when there are holes, leaks and cracks in the air ducts, bugs can get into the air ducts and your HVAC unit through those holes. That’s why check the air ducts and search for holes, especially around the ductwork joints.

Turn on your HVAC unit and place your hand on the air ducts. If you feel the airflow on your hand, it means there is a leak in your HVAC air ducts. Now, mark the area where you feel the airflow and search for other leaks in your ductwork.

After discovering all the holes in the air duct, it’s time to seal them. If the hole size is less than an inch, you should use duct tape to seal them. However, if the openings are big, you should call an air duct professional and repair or replace the air duct.

2.   Ensure Correct Installation

If you have opted for DIY HVAC installation, chances are your HVAC system isn’t properly installed. And when the HVAC unit isn’t installed correctly, bugs will get into your HVAC system and home. That’s why, while installing the AC or furnace, always seek help from a professional.

An HVAC professional knows how to install various types of furnaces or AC. Besides, when the HVAC unit isn’t installed correctly, you’ll have to face issues such as high energy bills, temperature imbalance, hot and cold spots, etc.

Apart from installing the HVAC system properly, you’ll have to ensure that you’re using the correct air filter in your HVAC unit. Because if the air filter is thick and correct sized, it’ll be able to trap bugs and insects along with dust and microparticles. Besides, don’t forget to replace the air filter every 80 to 90 days. Because when the air filter is clogged, it attracts various bugs.

3.   Do Regular HVAC Tune-up

Finally, do regular HVAC tune-ups to keep the roaches away. During an HVAC tune-up, a professional technician will clean the HVAC parts. Besides, if there are any bugs or pests trapped inside the HVAC system, he will eliminate them.

Sometimes, pests hiding inside the HVAC system die and rot. As a result, your space gets filled with awful smells and lowers indoor air quality. Here, an HVAC tune-up will come into play and restore the air quality.

Again, when there are bugs inside the HVAC system, they can create nests, eat the electrical wires, block the airflow, and so on. But by doing regular HVAC tune-ups, you can avoid these issues and maintain high efficiency.



If you’re having trouble dealing with bugs inside your HVAC unit and looking for professional help, call Green Leaf Air. Our team of expert HVAC professionals will visit your house and look after the issue. Besides, for any sort of HVAC repair and maintenance, you can call 972-992-5006 to contact us.


See the summary of this content here in an infographic – Preventing Bugs from Coming Through the HVAC Unit [Infographic]


Preventing Bugs from Coming Through the HVAC Unit
Preventing Bugs from Coming Through the HVAC Unit
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