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If you are confused and feeling uneasy about choosing the right commercial HVAC preventive maintenance contract then, here is the solution to this dilemma. It can be very challenging when you don’t understand the technical terms and conditions while purchasing an HVAC service contract. The main problem is that occasionally, HVAC service providers don’t provide all the maintenance terms and conditions. Also, this can seem even more challenging while deciding the price. Now, we will discuss it to help you choose the perfect commercial HVAC maintenance provider and contract.


Maintenance Checklist for Commercial HVAC System

It is important to compare the contracts and vendors before choosing them for your maintenance purpose. Because it gives you a brief idea about what is included or excluded in the contract and to choose the right company for you.

But it is also necessary to keep in mind that your plan should be based on according to your needs; such as age or condition of your machine, location, how you use it and, size.

1.      AC Maintenance (For Summer and Spring)

  1. Check coils of condenser and evaporator
  2. Check electrical connections and refrigerant charge
  3. Check airflow, fan and the blower motor
  4. Inspect operation of thermostats, drain lines and pans
  5. Lubricate moving parts (Motor) and check belts and pulleys


2.      Heating Maintenance (For Winter and Fall) –

  1. Inspects belts, pulleys, drain lines and pans
  2. Check electrical connections
  3. Check fan, blower, ignition and burner assembly
  4. Inspect operation of thermostats and heat exchanger
  5. Lubricate all the moving parts
  6. Replace the filter on heating equipment


See the Commercial HVAC system maintenance checklist in this infographic – Preventative Maintenance Checklist for Commercial HVAC System [Infographic]

Preventative Maintenance Checklist for Commercial HVAC System
Preventative Maintenance Checklist for Commercial HVAC System


To identify the right contract or provider, you can do the following when you call the HVAC maintenance company. When you call them for support, at first, they send their professional technician to check and diagnose the problem. During the checking, the professional technician will ask you certain questions. If the HVAC technician doesn’t ask you, it is a clear warning that you should step back and there is a high possibility that the company is a fraud. You can also ask a few questions as a customer. These questions are discussed below –


The Contractor’s Questions –

  1. About the performance of the system: Tell the contractors about the problem you are facing such as temperature variance, humidity, etc.
  2. Usage of the space: The contractor needs to create the right maintenance plan for your system. Thus, he needs to understand your business and how it affects the load.
  3. About operating hours: How often you use your HVAC system and how frequently you need services.


Your Questions –

  1. About maintenance visit duration: To compare between the vendors, you can ask this question. The vendor that spends more time will check everything thoroughly and you can expect to get the perfect maintenance service from that company.
  2. Review maintenance issues: While choosing a vendor you can also ask if they will explain what parts they have changed and what was required for repairing. This will give you clarity about the whole maintenance process. For more clarity, some maintenance company provides videos that show the maintenance process they use while repairing your system. If they provide such a video presentation, it is a bonus for you and shows how professional the company is.
  3. About cautions and required steps: Sometimes it is necessary to be cautious while using the system when the performance of your system is declining. Because we all know that prevention is better than cure. There is no harm to be cautious or to stay alert while using. So, you should ask the HVAC technician what tips & hacks should be followed while using the system. This will increase the longevity of your heating and cooling system.


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