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If you’re looking for a perfect energy solution for your office space or home, an HVAC economizer can be a good option for you. If you haven’t heard of HVAC Economizer already, here’s what you need to know.


What is an HVAC Economizer?

HVAC economizer is an energy solution that will save you a significant amount of money by reducing energy consumption. This energy solution saves your money by pulling outside cooler air into your office space o home. This is also known as free cooling. This technology is perfect for those areas where the temperature is very high in the day and low at night. Also, this energy solution doesn’t rely on your HVAC equipment, and when it’s properly installed, it can reduce mechanical cooling up to 75%.


How does It Work?

The HVAC economizer pulls the outside cooler air inside your space and reduces the air conditioner running time. Thus, it reduces energy consumption and saves your money. In an HVAC economizer, there’re outdoor temperature sensors and logic controllers that decide whether the outside temperature is suitable to run the HVAC economizer’s function or not. When the outside air meets the humidity and temperature parameter, the exterior damper opens up. After that, the compressor of the air conditioner turns off automatically. But when the outside temperature and humidity don’t meet the set parameter, the exterior damper shuts down and stops the economizer from functioning.

You can set your HVAC economizer on the rooftop of your office building or house. If your HVAC system doesn’t have an HVAC economizer, you can call an HVAC professional to install it. An HVAC economizer is small in size, and it won’t take a lot of place to setup.

There are few states in the US, like NEW YORK, where installing an HVAC economizer is mandatory. However, it’s not mandatory for cities like Florida, where the temperature is high throughout the year. This is because an HVAC economizer needs to pull the cooler air from outside and when there is high temperature throughout the day, an HVAC economizer can’t do it.

So, this was the mechanism of an HVAC economizer. Now, here are the different types of HVAC economizers that can help you to save money by consuming less energy.


3 Types of HVAC Economizer

1.   Dual or Differential Enthalpy Economizer

The Dual or Differential enthalpy economizer checks whether the outside air meets the requirements or not for free cooling. It also compares the outside air with high limit conditions. Also, it has two sensors- one measures the return air enthalpy and other measures the outdoor enthalpy. When the outside temperature is under the return air temperature and the outside air enthalpy is lower than the return air enthalpy, the outside air meets the requirements for free cooling. Otherwise, this HVAC economizer doesn’t run.

2.   Dry Bulb Economizer

Dry bulb economizer doesn’t consider humidity of the air, and as a result, it doesn’t provide optimal comfort. It only senses the temperature of the air and works accordingly. But it’s very easy to maintain and cheap. So, if you want a less costly and easy to maintain HVAC economizer, it can be the go-to option for you.

3.   Wet Bulb or Single Enthalpy Economizer

The wet bulb or single enthalpy economizer considers both the temperature and humidity of the outside air. As a result, it provides more comfort compared to the dry-bulb economizer.

So, these are the three most common & popular types of HVAC economizer, and you should install one in your house or office space for optimal use and efficiency.


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3 Types Of HVAC Economizer
3 Types Of HVAC Economizer

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