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Most homeowners rely on an HVAC professional to install their smart thermostat in their home. While there’s no problem with that, installing a smart thermostat is so easy that you can just save your installation cost by doing it yourself. Just follow these steps to install a smart thermostat in your home.


Step by Step Process of Smart Thermostat Installation

Step 1 – Turn Off the Power of Your HVAC System

Go to the breaker panel of your house, and turn off the power of your whole HVAC system. It’s important to turn off your entire heating and cooling system because it’ll keep your HVAC system safe from electrical short circuit. Also, it’ll cut the power to your old thermostat.

Step 2 – Remove the Faceplate of Your Old Thermostat

After disconnecting the thermostat from electric supply, remove the faceplate of the old thermostat. You’ll to have to remove the faceplate to get the backplate and the low-voltage wiring. You should be able to remove the faceplate easily but if you can’t, don’t apply any extra force to remove it. There may be hidden screws that attached the faceplate. So, find those screws and remove the faceplate.

Step 3 – Label the Electrical Wires

Now, you’ll have to label the wire coming out of your wall. You can take a snap of the wiring so that you can easily identify which wire will go to which terminal. Also, you can attach small stickers to each wire to identify them. Again, if you’re lucky enough, all the wires will be in different colors and you won’t have to worry about taking a snap or adding an extra sticker to each wire.

Step 4 – Remove the Backplate of Your Old Thermostat

After identifying the wires with their terminals, it’s time to remove the backplate of your old thermostat. You can remove the wire in the traditional way by pulling the wires or you may need to remove the screws at first. You can use a screwdriver to remove the screws that are holding the thermostat wires on the wall.

Step 5 – Optional: Adding a Common Wire

To power the thermostat, you will have to add a C-wire on the wall. But if you already have one, you can skip this part and move to the next step. It’s recommended that you should use a common wire to provide supply to your thermostat. When you’re adding the C-wire on the wall, you can use an adapter to make it simpler.

Step 6 – Attach the New Backplate and Reconnect the Wires

At first, put the backplate on the wall and use a pencil or pen to mark the outline the backplate. Then, mark the screw points and drill a little bit so that the screws can be installed in those holes. After attaching the backplate on the wall, time to reattach the wires to their corresponding terminals.

Step 7 – Add the New Faceplate

After attaching all the wires to their terminals, add the new faceplate on the backplate. You can add it easily and if it doesn’t check the wires, if they’re coming in the way. If so, set the wires correctly and add the faceplate on the backplate.

Step 8 – Turn the Power On and Connect your Smart Thermostat to the Wi-Fi

Now, it’s the time to turn on the power of your thermostat. Go to the breaker panel again and turn on the electrical connection of your HVAC system. Your smart thermostat will take few minutes to start and connect to your Wi-Fi. After that, you’ll have to use your smartphone to configure the settings of your smart thermostat with the app of the HVAC manufacturer. You can follow the manual instruction provided by the HVAC manufacturer and connect it accordingly.

These are the simple steps to install a smart thermostat in your home. However, you shouldn’t change your old thermostat in the winter or when you’ve guests in your home. Again, if you’re not comfortable in changing the wires, you can hire an electrician to do it for you. Or you can simply leave it to the professional hands of HVAC Technicians.

See the summary of this article in this infographic – 8 Steps To Install A Smart Thermostat [Infographic]

8 Steps To Install A Smart Thermostat
8 Steps To Install A Smart Thermostat

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