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Heat pump allows users to use one unit for both heating and cooling. Besides, with a heat pump, you can decrease the overall energy consumption and save money on electric bills. Again, some states offer tax cuts for buying a heat pump unit. However, as the heat pump consists of both heating and cooling mechanisms, many homeowners think it requires complex servicing and maintenance. But in reality, it isn’t true at all. This article will explain heat pump servicing and maintenance checkups.

Heat Pump Servicing and Maintenance

Do I Need to Service Heat Pump Regularly?

Like any other HVAC system, a heat pump requires servicing and necessary repairs. When you do heat pump maintenance checkups regularly, your heat pump will be in tip-top condition. Besides, its energy efficiency will be increased and ensure your comfort at the same time. On the other hand, when you neglect maintenance or servicing, your heat pump will start to have problems such as compressor breakdown, wear, and tear, etc. This will eventually lower the performance of your heat pump unit and hamper your comfort.

According to the US Department of Energy, the difference in energy efficiency between a well-maintained and neglected heat pump unit ranges from ten to twenty-five percent. From this stat, you can easily understand how important it is to regularly maintain your heat pump unit.


Can I Do Heat Pump Maintenance by Myself?

As a responsible homeowner, you should do heat pump maintenance checklists. For example, when there is extremely cold outside, you’ll notice the defrost cycle in your heat pump. You can easily solve this problem by doing some easy DIY methods.

However, if your heat pump unit is having defrost cycle frequently or lasting more than fifteen minutes or more, you should call a nearby HVAC professional to check the unit.

Apart from this, you’ll have to replace air filters regularly. Over time, it gets dirty very, and if you don’t change it regularly, dust and debris will block the airflow of your heat pump and cause problems.

Again, you’ll have to regularly clear the heat pump vents to ensure that there is no dust buildup near the unit.

But if you need heavy heat pump repair or maintenance such as changing the refrigerant, fixing the compressor unit, etc., you must call a professional HVAC service company.



Regular Maintenance on Heat Pumps: How Often Should I Do It?

If your heat pump unit works as a primary heating and cooling unit in your home rather than a supplemental unit, you’ll have to do maintenance checkups twice a year. It’s recommended that you do this maintenance checkup during spring and fall.

Again, if you’re using the heat pump as a supplement, you should do a heat pump maintenance checkup at least once a year. It’ll allow your heat pump unit to function properly throughout the year.


How to Maintain a Heat Pump: DIY Tips

Replace the Air Filters

It’s the easiest DIY task yet neglected most of the time. Heat pump air filter blocks dust and particles from entering our home, and that’s why it gets clogged very quickly. As a responsible homeowner, you must replace the air filter every three months. Besides, don’t forget to replace the air filter at the start of each season.

When you don’t change the air filter regularly, dust and other microparticles will accumulate inside your heat pump. As a result, your heat pump unit will start performing poorly and lower the indoor air quality as well. That’s why you should never neglect this easy DIY task to keep your heat pump unit’s performance higher.

Clean Surrounding of the Outdoor Unit

If you have trees or plants near the outdoor unit or compressor, you’ll have to clean them regularly. When you don’t clean them regularly, tree leaves, dust, and other particles will enter the outdoor unit and block your heat pump’s airflow. As a result, your heat pump unit will have to operate longer and have more wear and tear.

Again, during winter, you’ll have to ensure that there is no snow near the outdoor unit. Otherwise, it’ll create the same problems as tree leaves or dust.

Other DIY Maintenances

Apart from these DIY maintenance tasks, you’ll have to clean the vents and registers of your heat pump. Besides, don’t put any object or furniture at least two feet near the heat pump unit.

If you’re a Dallas resident and looking for the best service and maintenance company, call Green Leaf Air. We have some of the best heating and cooling technicians who know how to deal with an HVAC system.


How to Service a Heat Pump: Cost of Maintenance

The cost of heat pump maintenance varies from one HVAC repair service to another. But heat pump maintenance cost is worth it and way lower than the heat pump repair cost.

Usually, the heat pump maintenance cost is under 200 USD. On the other hand, heat pump repair cost starts at 150 USD and can go up to thousands of dollars. From this, you can easily understand how cost-effective heat pump maintenance is.



Heat Pump Maintenance Checklist

When you do a preventive heat pump maintenance checkup, an HVAC professional will do the following things-

  • Inspect electrical wirings, and tight the connection
  • Check the blower motor
  • Look for refrigerant or coolant leaks
  • Inspect air ducts, air filter, evaporator coil
  • Clean the heat pump drain line
  • Lubricate the motors
  • Test the thermostat and its functionality
  • Check the outdoor temperature sensors



How to Service a Heat Pump System: Defrost the Heat Pump

First, to defrost the heat pump, try to use a pointy object to remove the ice from the coil. However, while removing the ice, you’ll have to ensure that the fan coils don’t get damaged. Instead of a pointy object or a stick, you can use water to melt the ice.

After melting the ice, remove debris from heat pump fan coils. If all these processes are done perfectly, you’ll have to find the leaking gutter.

However, if you’re not comfortable in repairing the leak by yourself, you can always call a professional to repair the leak for you.


FAQs about How to Service a Heat Pump

1.      Does Heat Pump Unit Require Cleaning?

Yes, you’ll have to clean your heat pump, especially when you have plants in the backyard. When you don’t clean the heat pump, leaves and debris will accumulate in the condenser coil and reduce the performance. It’s recommended that you clean your heat pump unit in spring. With regular cleaning, you’ll be able to notice a drastic change in comfort, especially in winter.

2.      How Long Does a Heat Pump Unit Last?

Heat pump units usually last about fifteen years. After that, it starts to perform poorly. Again, some units don’t even last for a decade. It entirely depends on how you maintain your heat pump unit. If you maintain your heat pump unit properly with regular maintenance and necessary repairs, it’ll last more than your expectations.

3.      Do Heat Pumps Need Servicing?

Like any other HVAC system, heat pumps also require regular servicing and maintenance. Without regular servicing, your heat pump unit will start performing poorly and affect your comfort.

4.      When Should I Replace or Clean the Heat Pump Filter?

It’s recommended to replace or clean your heat pump air filter every four to twelve weeks. It’ll keep the indoor air clean and ensure maximum airflow.




With regular heat pump maintenance and servicing, you’ll notice a drastic change in the overall comfort and performance. If you’re looking for the best heat pump or HVAC repair and service company in Dallas, call Green Leaf Air.


See the summary of this article here in an infographic – Heat Pump Maintenance Checklist [Infographic]


Heat Pump Maintenance Checklist
Heat Pump Maintenance Checklist


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