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“If my furnace isn’t broke, I am not gonna repair it.” If this is the way you think about gas furnace maintenance, I have bad news for you.

When you wait for your heating system to completely break down, you unwillingly decrease the system’s overall performance. This affects the lifespan of the system as well. Eventually, your comfort gets hampered, and you suffer in those freezing nights.

As a responsible homeowner, you should never wait for your heating system to shut down completely. In this article, I’ll talk about some of the gas furnace maintenance tips and checklists so that you don’t have any trouble preparing your heating system for winter.


7 Gas Furnace Maintenance Checklist & Tips

1.    Gas Furnace Service Checklist – Ensure Insulation

When your home isn’t adequately insulated, cold air from outside will enter your house and force your heating system to run longer. Also, when there are holes or leakages in your home, produced hot air will leak through them, which will reduce your overall comfort.

If you don’t want the produced hot air to leak from your house, you’ll have to first identify your structure’s weaknesses. For this, you can call your nearby HVAC contractors and do a home audit and find out the weaknesses in your home structure.

There are several ways an HVAC professional can find out your structural weaknesses. For example, the heating professional can use an infrared machine or special equipment to identify your home’s leaks. Again, while checking the leaks in your wall or ducts, don’t forget to check your windows and doors. Oftentimes, there are holes in the door and windows, which leads to hot air leakage.

As soon as you find out that there are holes in your doors and windows, you must replace or repair them quickly.

2.    Gas Furnace Maintenance Checklist- Replace the Furnace Air Filter

Usually, the furnace air filter is located in the return duct, and its main function is to block particulates from entering your home. When you buy a low-quality furnace air filter, it’ll only be able to block a few particles and dust. As a result, dust and debris will start to accumulate in your furnace and make the indoor air unhealthy.

You’ll have to always keep in mind that dust and debris are an enemy for all types of HVAC systems. When dust and other fine particles accumulate in the heating system, your unit won’t get enough air supply to produce the desired temperature. As a result, your heating unit will have to function longer to reach the desired temperature.

Again, when you buy a high-quality air filter for your furnace, they tend to block all sorts of particles, including pollens, dust, debris, microorganisms, etc.

Green Leaf Air offers a whole-home in-duct air purifier with all Trane and Goodman bundle systems. This REMO HALO air purifier is of top-notch quality and will make your indoor air clean and fresh. You can select this air purifier as an add-on with any of our HVAC systems.

3.    Gas Furnace Inspection Checklist- Check Blower Motor

The main functionality of a gas furnace blower motor is to push the air through the heat exchanger. Apart from providing hot air to the gas furnace, sometimes these blower motor offers cold air to air conditioning unit as well.

Like its functionality, the blower motor contains a lot of parts, including the air filter. If the blower motor isn’t functioning properly, it’ll affect the other parts as well. That’s why you’ll have to make sure that your furnace blower motor is functioning properly.

If you hear any noise coming out of the furnace blower motor, there is a high probability that your furnace has an electrical or wheel problem.

To identify the problem correctly, you must call a heating professional and repair where it’s needed.

4.    Gas Furnace Maintenance Tips- Don’t Block the Vents

If you want your gas furnace to function properly, you’ll have to make sure that air is circulating evenly throughout your rooms. And for this, you’ll have to ensure that your gas furnace is fully functional and all the vents are clear.

When the vents are blocked either by furniture or other household items, air won’t be able to circulate properly. As a result, your heating unit will have to run longer, and eventually, your monthly heating will start to increase.

That’s why if you want to get the maximum out of your heating unit, you should always keep the vents clear.

5.    Gas Furnace Service Checklist- Clean the Ducts

Over time, dust and debris start to accumulate in the furnace air ducts. If you don’t clean the air ducts, molds will start to grow and make everyone in your family sick. Besides, it can cause some respiratory health problems and allergy problems. That’s why while gas furnace maintenance checkups, you must clean the furnace air ducts.

6.    Natural Gas Furnace Maintenance Tips- Remove Flammable Objects

Natural gas furnaces are usually installed in garage areas or the basement. However, gas furnaces aren’t manufactured to deal with containers or flammable objects around them. When you use a natural gas furnace and have flammable objects near it, you put your family’s safety in danger. That’s why it’s recommended you remove aerosols, cloths, paint, gasoline, etc., from the gas furnace. It’ll save you from unexpected fire in your home.

7.    Furnace Maintenance Checklist- Clear the Exhaust Flue

If you haven’t cleared the exhaust flue in recent times, toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, Sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide will be found inside your furnace. When these gases are inside your furnace, you’ll face health problems like nausea, headache, dizziness, palpitation, unconsciousness, and in the worst-case scenario, death. That’s why while doing furnace maintenance, along with other parts, you must clean the exhaust flue.


FAQs about Gas Furnace Maintenance

1.       How to Clean a Trane Furnace?

To clean a Trane furnace, you’ll have to change the air filter, clear the air ducts and other parts of your furnace. However, if you’re not an HVAC system expert, you should never try DIY furnace cleaning.

2.       How Do I Find Best Service for Gas Furnace?

If you live in Dallas, every heating professionals in Dallas are well trained and equipped. So, it’s safe to say that you can hire any of the service professionals in Dallas blindly. But still, if you want to identify the best one by yourself, look at their online reviews, service package, and cost.

3.       Is Annual Furnace Maintenance Schedule Necessary?

Absolutely. When you do annual furnace maintenance, all your furnace parts will function smoothly and ensure maximum comfort.

4.       Should I Make a Furnace Clean and Check Maintenance Checklist before Hiring a Service Company?

When you have a maintenance checklist, especially in written form, chances are you’ll get the best service. That’s why you should always make a furnace maintenance checklist before hiring a service company.

5.       What will an HVAC professional Do during Trane Inspection?

An experienced service professional will check the condenser coil, base pan, fan blades, etc., during an inspection. If the professional finds any fault in these parts, he will repair them on the spot.



Regular furnace maintenance allows your heating unit to run smoothly. As a responsible homeowner, you must do regular furnace maintenance, at least before winter. It’ll ensure maximum comfort for your family in extreme cold conditions.


See the summary of this article here – 7 Gas Furnace Maintenance Tips [Infographic]

7 Gas Furnace Maintenance Tips
7 Gas Furnace Maintenance Tips


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