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    by Rifat A. in Blog 0 comment

    If you were wondering whether you should get a Ductless Air Conditioner or a Central Air Conditioner, you are in the right place. Today, I’ll try to put in all the key differences between central AC units and ductless AC units in an infographic –


    Ductless air conditioning system versus central air conditioning system


    Ductless Air Conditioner vs. Central Air Conditioner
    Ductless Air Conditioner vs. Central Air Conditioner


    1.      Loss in air transfer

    Ductless AC: Since mini ductless AC system doesn’t use any air ducts, there are no chances of air loss.

    Central AC: With a central ducted AC system, you may lose temperature & air flow during air transfer.

    2.      Air Duct cleaning

    Ductless AC: No air duct means there’s no need for routine air duct cleaning.

    Central AC: A central AC system requires regular air duct cleaning.

    3.      Installation

    Ductless AC: Installation process is much easier since its doesn’t require air duct installation.

    Central AC: Installing a central AC unit is much more costly requires more time.

    4.      Capacity

    Ductless AC: Since this mini AC is ductless, its capacity is much less than central AC unit.

    Central AC: A central AC unit can cover a bigger area than a mini ductless AC system.


    Read the whole content here – Points to Note When Installing A Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner


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    Rifat A.

    HVAC Expert, Author & Mathematician... rifatahmed.com

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