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For homeowners who do not need a full-blown gas furnace and condenser system with ductwork feeding air into rooms, a smaller scale ductless air conditioner is the right perfect choice for an efficient heating and cooling solution. Here’s a quick look at the things you need to pay attention to when dealing with installing a brand new mini ductless air conditioning unit in your home.

What is a ductless mini-split air conditioner?

The ductless mini-split air conditioner consists of an outdoor condenser and heating unit, and an indoor air handler which distributes cooled or warmed air through the room. With this system, you get an inexpensive solution if your home does not require a full-fledged HVAC system. There are several advantages to owning such a system, many of which are because the system is ductless.


What are the key differences between a ductless air conditioning system versus a central air conditioning system?

The key differences between the two HVAC solutions include operational efficiency, cost of installation, and operational capacity.

No ductwork means no losses during transfer

A mini ductless air conditioning does not use ductwork, which prevents temperature losses during air transfer through ducts to each room in your home. While on the other hand, in the case of an HVAC system, you will be dealing with a drop in efficiency if the air has a significant distance to travel through the air vents in your home, to reach your rooms from the central air conditioning unit. This drop in efficiency is often made worse due to the constant build-up of dust.

No ductwork means no air duct cleaning

The build-up of dust and dirt in your ductwork adds a challenge to air duct cleaning. Often, homeowners forget to maintain the ductwork in their home and call in HVAC repair specialists to come in and clean out the ducts to restore operational efficiency and prevent potentially harmful particles from being recirculated in your home.

Easier HVAC installation

Installation of a mini ductless system is much easier as well, and therefore costs much less compared to the HVAC installation costs of an HVAC system with a central air conditioner, Gas Furnace, and air duct system.

Lower capacity – ensure that a ductless ac unit will support your home’s HVAC needs

However, the capacity of a central ac unit is far greater than a mini ductless system. This makes it important for you to undergo a thorough assessment of your home to find the right ductless system capacity for your home.

Ductless AC Unit Maintenance

A ductless AC unit goes through all the maintenance procedures you would expect a normal HVAC system to go through. However, in the case of a ductless system, it’s especially important to keep an eye on the filters. Ensuring that the filters are changed or cleaned regularly will help you extend the lifetime of your ductless system.


See the summary of difference between a ductless AC system and a central AC system here – Ductless Air Conditioner vs. Central Air Conditioner [Infographic]


Ductless Air Conditioner vs. Central Air Conditioner
Ductless Air Conditioner vs. Central Air Conditioner


HVAC tune-ups once a year are instrumental in revitalizing the operational efficiency of your system. By hiring excellent HVAC specialists. Other important functions that ac repair specialist will help you out with to make sure that your ductless ac unit works properly is –

  • Clean the coils in your condenser to allow for efficient heat transfer.
  • They will check your tubing to ensure that no refrigerant is leaking.
  • Make systematic repairs as required for future smooth operation.

With a ductless AC system, you give up a lot of the power you get with a full-fledged HVAC system, however, you get several promises as well. With a ductless AC system, your AC maintenance & repair run will be quicker, easier and less expensive. In terms of efficiency, your ductless system will perform more efficiently as heat is not lost through duct transfers. And finally, the installation is cheap and quick as well because the system is not as complex. To conclude, if your home does not require serious extensive heating or cooling throughout all the rooms, a ductless solution is perfect for you.

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