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Usually, the AC and furnace don’t stop functioning at the same time. Either the furnace requires replacement or the air conditioning unit. So, while replacing your furnace or AC system, can you mix and match the brand? It depends on the brands and units you’ll be replacing with. Read on to get a clear concept of this topic.


Can I Mix and Match AC & Furnace Brands?

Benefits of Mixing & Matching HVAC Brands

·         No Need to Purchase 2 New HVAC Units Each Time

Purchasing one HVAC unit is stressful and requires a lot of research. For example, if you want to purchase a new air conditioning unit, you’ll first have to measure your space area. Then, you’ll consider your home ventilation, usage, number of people, etc. Besides, not all AC brands come with the same features and specifications. You’ll have to compare every AC brand and shortlist the ACs that meet your needs.

Also, HVAC units don’t come cheap. Modern HVAC units can cost you more than $5.000. Moreover, you’ll have to bear the installation expenses and other HVAC charges. And if you’re purchasing two HVAC units at the same time of the same brand, your workload and expense will become 2x.

But when you replace your malfunctioning HVAC unit with a new one and keep the other HVAC unit as it is, you’ll get some breathing space.

·         Maximize HVAC Investment

Finding an HVAC unit with all your required specs and features is a bit tough. Each HVAC brands offer unique features that other HVAC brands don’t. And when you’re trying to purchase an HVAC unit from one particular HVAC brand, you may not get the desired specs and features. Moreover, the price point of each HVAC brand is different. Two HVAC brands can offer almost similar features but at different prices. Often, homeowners who want to purchase HVAC units from one particular HVAC brand only end up spending way more, which they could have saved by purchasing an HVAC unit from other HVAC manufacturers.

If you still want to stick to one HVAC brand, either you’ll have to compensate with the feature or with the price. On the flip side, when you’re flexible with HVAC brands, you’ll get what you want. You can save money and get superior features by purchasing the HVAC unit regardless of the brand.

Moreover, in the future, if you plan to purchase a furnace-AC combo system, you can purchase it with the money you saved by shifting to other HVAC brands.


Cons of Mixing & Matching HVAC Brands

·         May Void the Warranty

While mixing and matching different HVAC brands, you’ll have to be careful about the warranties of existing and new HVAC units. Because many HVAC manufacturers don’t allow homeowners to mix and match HVAC brands. For example, if you’re using an AC from the “X” brand, your furnace will have to be from “X.” If you install a furnace from the “Y” brand, the warranty of your air conditioning unit will be void. So, before purchasing an HVAC unit, read the terms and conditions of the warranty paper thoroughly.

·         Compatibility Issues

When you mix and match two different HVAC brands for furnace and air conditioner, there is a possibility that they may not be compatible with each other. So, before purchasing the furnace or AC unit from different brands, consult an HVAC expert.



So, if you’re planning to mix and match different HVAC brands, talk with an HVAC expert about the compatibility and warranty issues. If the HVAC expert gives the green signal, you can purchase an HVAC unit from any HVAC brand.


Use Furnace-AC Combo Unit

If you don’t want to purchase two separate units and brands, you can use a Furnace-AC combo unit. In this type of HVAC system, both the furnace and the cooling system are packaged in a unit. Besides, this HVAC unit has quiet operation. So, if you prefer soundless sleep at night, this HVAC system would be a perfect solution for you. Moreover, as the furnace-AC unit comes as a packaged version, you’ll have to pay the installation cost for one HVAC unit.


Green Leaf Air provides HVAC units from brands like Goodman, MRCOOL, RunTru, and Trane. Besides, we offer all sorts of HVAC repair and maintenance services. To learn more about our HVAC services, call 972-992-5006.

See the summary of this content here in an infographic – Should I Mix and Match AC & Furnace Brands? [Infographic]


Should I Mix and Match AC & Furnace Brands
Should I Mix and Match AC & Furnace Brands
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