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AC surge protectors work as a shield against voltage surges and protect your HVAC unit from damage. Every year, thousands of HVAC units get damaged because of this voltage surge. But by installing an AC surge protector, this problem can be avoided.

As I mentioned earlier, electrical surges are spikes in voltage, which travels from the power grid to your electrical appliances like HVAC, microwave, TV, washing machine, etc. These electrical surges occur in milliseconds, and in most cases, homeowners fail to realize this incident. Usually, electrical surges happen in summer or hot weather.

As Dallas has hot and humid conditions almost half of the year and has a relatively aging power grid, the probability of electrical surges is very high.


Should I Install AC Surge Protectors?

Reasons behind Electrical Surges

Usually, electrical surges happen due to bad weather and circuit overload. Apart from these, accidents and power line interference can cause electrical surges.

Storms and lightning play a key role in electrical surges. When lightning hits the transformer, it can create a sudden voltage spike and cause electrical surges. Besides, heavy wind and rain cause electrical surges. When there are electrical surges, it can affect millions of households. In some cases, electrical surges can cut the electricity connection of the entire neighborhood.

Again, if your local electricity company faces a sudden circuit overload, it can cause electrical surges. Moreover, if vehicles or large objects knock down the electrical poles, electrical surges can happen.

Many a time, when electrical power companies sense the probable electricity surge, they turn off their system to protect the millions of households from the damages of an electrical surge. But as I mentioned above, electrical surges occur in milliseconds, and without surge protectors, it’s really hard to protect your HVAC unit and other electrical appliances.


Electrical Surge & Air Conditioner

Due to electrical surges, the wires and parts inside the HVAC unit can get damaged. Besides, if you try turning on your air conditioner after the electrical surge, there is every possibility of a fire hazard. Moreover, if you try to repair or replace your damaged AC unit, you’ll have to spend a significant amount of money. And if the AC unit is burned out due to an electrical surge, you’ll have to replace the entire cooling system. That’s why it’s better to use AC surge protectors. AC surge protectors will protect your HVAC system from electrical surges and save you money on costly repair fees.


AC Surge Protectors Are Low-Cost Solution

Ac surge protectors are very affordable yet effective. Usually, you can buy an AC surge protector for less than $100. However, you’ll have to pay additional AC surge protector installation costs. But you can eliminate this expense by installing the AC surge protector by yourself. Typically, you’ll have to add $150 to $200 for the installation charge.

While purchasing an AC surge protector, try to purchase an AC surge protector that has a minimum surge capacity of 100 kA. If you want more surge capacity, the price of the AC surge protector will go higher. Also, don’t buy the cheapest one. Because cheap AC surge protector comes with low surge capacity and often, these AC surge protectors cannot stand against the electrical surge.


3 Benefits of an AC Surge Protector

  • Little to No HVAC Downtime
  • Protection for Uninsured Equipment
  • Save Your Money in the Long Run

Air conditioner is not an electrical appliance that anyone would want to replace every few years. But when you have regular electrical surges, it can drastically reduce the AC lifespan. But by installing an AC surge protector, you can protect your HVAC system from electrical surges.

Also, when you install an AC surge protector, it offers you several financial benefits. For example, usually, home insurance doesn’t cover the HVAC repair and replacement fees. Besides, even if you have home insurance that covers the HVAC repair and replacement fees, it may not cover the damages due to electrical surges. Here, AC surge protection will help you combat these issues.

Like power surges, lightning can damage your HVAC unit. But by installing an AC surge protector, you can safeguard your air conditioner from lightning. Finally, by installing an AC surge protector, you can reduce AC downtime significantly.


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See the summary here – 3 Benefits of Installing an AC Surge Protector [Infographic]

3 Benefits of Installing an AC Surge Protector
3 Benefits of Installing an AC Surge Protector
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