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This pandemic has taught us how vital humidity and IAQ are. Like everyone else, if you’re concerned about the air quality of your space, you can buy an air exchanger.


What and How Air Exchanger Works

What is an Air Exchanger?

If you’re concerned about the IAQ of your house or have allergies, you should purchase an air exchanger. Air exchanger improves IAQ by filtering the air inside the house. If you live in an older and open house, it’ll take around half an hour to filter all the air inside your space. However, if you live in a tightly constructed house, the air exchanger can take up to 10 hours to purify the air.

If you often use a furnace or heating unit, chances are your space will be filled with CO and CO2. If you stay in that condition for a long time, you may need to go to the ER. In this situation, an air exchanger will come handy and keep the IAQ in good condition.

Again, if you have pets and allergies, pet dander can be a big issue for you. You can get rid of this using an air exchanger.

Apart from filtering the air, it controls the humidity in your house. Besides, it can recycle the heat to keep the energy bills to a minimum.


How does an Air Exchanger Function?

Air exchanger has two pathways, one for the incoming and the other one for outgoing air. These paths are separate from each other, which eliminates the risk of cross-contamination.

The energy or heat recovery core is the heart of this air exchanger. It transfers the energy from one air path to another. Besides, it recaptures the trapped heat during the cold season and uses it to heat the air. This is how it limits the overall energy consumption.

Again, during the summer, this heat recovery core captures the heat from the outdoor air and pre-cool the fresh air. While doing all these, it also keeps the humidity or moisture in the air in check.


Requirements for Air Exchanger to Function

As I mentioned earlier, an air exchanger removes excess moisture from your space and keeps your home comfortable. To do this, the air exchanger needs a good ventilation system. Besides, you’ll have to ensure that there is enough fresh air supply in your space. Otherwise, it’ll take more time to filter the air in your house. Apart from a fresh air supply, it requires a good exhaust system so that it can remove the moisture and dust from your house. Besides, it’s crucial to have a working exhaust system if you want to avoid air stagnation in your space. So, before installing an air exchanger, make sure you have proper ventilation in your space.


Pro-Tip: If you’re keeping all your doors and windows open, it’s advised to turn off the air exchanger. Because the doors and windows will play the role of an air exchanger, there is no need for over ventilating your space, and thus, you’ll be able to save more energy.


Frequently Asked Questions about Air Exchangers

1.      If I Don’t have Air Ducts, Can I Use Air Exchanger in My House?

If you had asked this years ago, the answer would be no. However, as HVAC technology is improving every day. You can use air exchangers even when you don’t have air ducts in your house. Besides, some ductless air exchangers have an air filter to capture pollen and other dust particles.

As different ductless air exchangers offer different features, read the product description very carefully before purchasing an air exchanger. Besides, if possible, you should have a conversation with an HVAC professional about which air exchanger will be the best for your space.

2.      Can an Air Exchanger Help Me Reduce the Overall Energy Bills?

Yes, you can keep your energy bills down with an air exchanger, since an air exchanger can capture around 70% of the total heat and reuse it.


If you’re searching for an HVAC repair or maintenance service in Dallas, call Green Leaf Air. You can call 972-992-5006 to get a free quotation and discuss your air exchanger needs with an in-house HVAC expert.


See the summary of this content here in an infographic – Air Exchanger – What It Is & How It Works [Infographic]


Air Exchanger – What It Is & How It Works
Air Exchanger – What It Is & How It Works
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