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As there are various types of heating systems available on the market, it’s common for people to get confused while buying a furnace for their home. This blog is for you if you’re in doubt between the Forced Air Furnace and Radiant Heating Unit.


Forced Air Furnace or Radiant Heating Unit: Which One is Perfect for My Home

Fundamental Difference between the Radiant Heat and Forced Air Furnace

Before jumping into the pros and cons of these two heating units, you should understand the fundamental difference between these furnaces.

In the forced air heating system or furnace, the HVAC unit preheats the air and transfer it to your space. This type of furnace requires air ducts to move the heated air from the furnace.

Radiant Heating Unit is completely different from the forced air furnace. Because it doesn’t need air ducts or preheating. Instead, this HVAC unit uses infrared technology to keep your space warm and comfy. It has a radiant heater, which directly provides heat to you through electromagnetic waves. The radiant heating unit uses heat panels installed on the floors to warm your space.


4 Advantages of Radiant Heating Unit

1.      Silent Operation

If you’re frustrated about the noise coming from your heating unit, you should purchase a radiant heating system. While operating, this type of furnace produces white noise.

2.      Heat Distribution Control

With a regular furnace, you cannot set the temperature of each room individually. But this radiant heating unit allows you to control the heat distribution of each room individually. So no more complaints about heating from your children.

3.      No Drafts

When you purchase this type of heating unit, you won’t have to deal with drafts anymore. So, no more allergies or dryness in winter.

4.      Can Also Produce Hot Water

Apart from heating your house, some radiant heating systems can also produce hot water.


3 Disadvantages of Radiant Heating Unit

1.      Only Heating

If you’re searching for an HVAC unit that can offer both heating and cooling, this Radiant Heating Unit will disappoint you. Because with this type of furnace, you can only get heating. To tackle the summer, you’ll have to install a cooling system individually.

2.      High Installation Costs

As you’ll have to install radiant heating panels on your floors, it’ll increase the overall installation costs.

3.      Cannot Use with Carpet & Fewer Fuel Option

Besides, if you use carpet on your floor, its efficiency will decrease. Moreover, unlike other types of heating units, you’ll have fewer fuel options.


3 Advantages of Forced Air Furnace

1.      Both Heating & Cooling

Unlike the Radiant Heating Unit, a forced-air furnace can comfort you in both summer and winter.

2.      Economical & Better Indoor Air Quality

If you already have air ducts installed in your house, the furnace installation cost will be very low. Besides, as it has filters, IAQ improves to some extent. Moreover, air ducts increase the airflow in your house, which eventually increases the air quality of your space.

3.      More Fuel Options

Unlike the radiant heating unit, a forced-air furnace offers you multiple fuel options, making this heating system more convenient.


3 Disadvantages of Forced Air Furnace

1.      Noisy & Expensive

If you already don’t have ductwork installed, the installation cost will skyrocket. Besides, if you prefer soundless heating, this type of heating system may not be perfect for you.

2.      Some Air Duct Issues

As it uses air ducts to carry the heated air, there can be leaks in the ductwork. And when there is a leak, there will be system efficiency loss. Besides, if you neglect air duct cleaning, there will be molds in the ductwork, which could make you sick.

3.      Inability To Control Each Room Individually & Allergies

With this type of furnace, you cannot control the heating of each room individually. Besides, if you don’t replace or clean the filters often, you can have allergy issues.


If you want an HVAC system for both summer and winter with more fuel options, you should go for the forced air furnace system. Otherwise, you should purchase a radiant heating unit.


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See the summary of this content here in an infographic – Forced Air Furnace vs. Radiant Heating Unit [Infographic]


Forced Air Furnace vs. Radiant Heating Unit
Forced Air Furnace vs. Radiant Heating Unit
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