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I was on a hike with my college friends the other day and we talked about how awesome or boring (for some) our lives has become since we split up after college. As any group of guys who are talking about their lives would do, we ended up talking about our finances and one of my friends started complaining about how devastatingly high the electric bills are in Summer. So, as any HVAC system expert would do, I shared some tips with them. And at our next hike, after 2 months or so, they let me know that my suggestions helped them.

So, I decided to share these tips with all of you –


  1. Be efficient with the water system

Your water heating system is one of the main culprits behind the high electricity bills. To ensure it is not costing you more than it should, you can call an electrician and ask them to set up a timer for the water heating system. This way, after a specific time, the water heating system shuts down, saving you a lot from the energy bills.


  1. Shut the windows & doors that are facing the sun

One of the main reasons why your air conditioning units have to work so hard in Summer to keep your house cold is because of the open windows and doors in your house. Heating and cooling of your house depend greatly on how you keep your windows and doors. In summer, if you keep the windows and doors that are facing the sun open, heat will enter your rooms and eventually create a high-temperature environment. This is will then cost you since your central air conditioner will have to work even harder to keep the temperature down. So, the bottom line is – keep the windows and doors closed when sunlight is directly entering your house.


  1. Don’t keep the electric appliances in standby mode

This one is a bit tricky because most of the users of a heating and cooling system don’t realize that electric appliances other than the heating and cooling system have a big impact on the overall temperature in the rooms.

When you keep your TV, microwave oven, toaster, etc. on or in stand by mode when you are not using them, they still generate enough heat to affect the overall temperature and that leads to high workload on the air conditioner thus increasing the month-end bills in Summer.


  1. Properly use the sleep mode & timers for your air conditioner

Most of the central ac unit and other air conditioning system are equipped with sleep mode and timers.

Using this timer setting and sleep mode, you can decrease the energy consumption when you go out or sleep at night. So make sure when you are leaving for your work or go to bed at night, you are utilizing these setting for energy efficiency.


  1. Don’t use your AC for over-comfort

Last weekend, I went to a friend’s house. The moment I entered his house, I got chills as the temperature was set up at way below what we feel comfortable at. Then I saw her brother wearing a jacket inside. I understand why he wore the jacket because I would have also preferred one inside the house. But why? Why would you bring down the temperature so low that you need to wear a jacket inside your house?

This is not good for your month-end bills. So my advice will be to not use them more than what you need.


  1. Regular AC Services and Repair is a must

AC maintenance & repair is very important when it comes to keeping the air conditioners at its best. Whenever you come across an AC repair situations call the air conditioning repair guys near you. Remember, air duct cleaning also comes under AC services & repair. So, don’t halt the air conditioning service repair situation just because of the HVAC cost. In the end, the HVAC cost will be worth it for the long run.


  1. Invest in the smart HVAC system

Apart from ensuring timely AC repair, you should also ensure you have the best technology at your disposal.

These days, Gas Furnace, heat pump, AC condenser or any other HVAC system equipment are equipped with cutting edge technology. They are smart in energy consumption and operation, making them a must-have to decrease energy bills to a great extent. So, next time when you think of HVAC installation, make sure it is a smart heating and air conditioning system you are installing in your home.


Let’s sum it up

So the bottom line is – don’t overuse it, don’t use it when you didn’t need it, ensure you are caught up with the AC repairs, and most importantly, always roll ahead with the smart tech.


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