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You may need to use your heating unit throughout the winter. However, it doesn’t mean that your heating unit will run continuously. It’ll turn off as soon as it reaches the pre-set temperature. However, if your heating system isn’t turning off even after reaching the set temperature, it’s probably because of the following reasons.


5 Reasons Why Your Heating Unit is Running Continuously

1.   Faulty Thermostat

Thermostat is considered the brain of a heating system. It sends a signal to the heating unit to turn on or off. When you have a malfunctioning furnace thermostat, it’ll send wrong signals to the system, and the heating unit will operate continuously. In this case, you’ll have to call heating professionals and check the thermostat.

Again, if someone has changed the thermostat settings, your furnace or heating system will run continuously. For example, if the thermostat fan setting is set to “On,” the blower of the heating unit will run continuously, despite reaching the desired temperature. To solve this issue, you’ll have to set the thermostat fan settings to “Auto,” and the blower will run when you turn on your heating unit.


When the outside temperature drops very low, it becomes difficult for the heating unit to maintain a high temperature. Besides, in that extreme cold condition, if you set the temperature high, your heating system will have more wear and tear. In this case, try lowering the furnace temperature a bit. It’ll save you money on energy bills and reduce furnace wear and tear.

2.   Clogged Heating Air Filter

Air filter keeps the indoor air clean by blocking dust and microparticles. However, it gets clogged quickly as it blocks or captures these particles.  And when you have a clogged air filter in your heating unit, it’ll block the airflow and your furnace will operate continuously. That’s why it is required to be replaced every 70 to 80 days.

3.   Damaged Furnace Blower Motor

The blower motor circulates hot air throughout your house. But when you have a malfunctioning blower motor, it’ll fail to circulate warm air in your space. And when this happens, your furnace thermostat will send signals to the unit to function continuously.

But how do you know whether your furnace blower motor is working or not? It’s easy – if you notice that you’re feeling cold even after turning on your heating system, there is a high probability that it’s a problem with the blower motor.

As soon as you find out that the blower motor isn’t working, you must repair it. However, you should avoid DIY methods while repairing the blower motor. Because the blower motor has some sophisticated mechanical and electrical component that needs to be handled by only professionals.

4.   Wrong Size Heating Unit

When you have the wrong size heating unit, it’ll run continuously and increase the heating bills. For example, if the heating unit is undersized, it won’t be able to keep with the space’s heating demands. As a result, your furnace or heat pump will have to operate longer to reach the set temperature. Again, when the furnace is oversized, you’ll have a short-cycling problem, and your heating unit will never turn off.

To overcome this issue, you’ll have to contact a professional and determine the right-sized heating unit. While selecting the heating unit size, you’ll have to consider the insulation of your space, number of windows, occupants, climate, and space size.

5.   Damaged Air Ducts

If there are leaks in the air ducts, produced hot air will leak through the holes and this will make the heating unit run continuously. If you notice unevenness in the rooms’ temperature, there is a high probability of leaks in the air ducts.

When you find out that there are leaks in the air ducts, you should call an air duct professional and repair the air ducts. However, if the air ducts are heavily damaged, you must replace the ductwork.


If the heating system problem isn’t solved yet, you could have a faulty control board. To check this, you should call a professional and repair it. If you live in Dallas, call Green Leaf Air. We provide all sorts of HVAC services 24/7 across Dallas and surrounding areas.


See the summary of this content here in an infographic – 5 Reasons Why Your Heating Unit is Running Continuously [Infographic]

5 Reasons Why Your Heating Unit is Failing to Turn Off
5 Reasons Why Your Heating Unit is Failing to Turn Off
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