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The use of AI and IoT is making day-to-day business operations easier. If you want to make your office smart and energy-efficient, you’ll have to switch to smart commercial HVAC controls.


5 Reasons to Upgrade to Smart Commercial HVAC Controls

1.   Minimize the Operation Costs

In businesses, running HVAC systems account for a significant portion of the total utility costs. So, if you want to reduce your business’s utility costs, you’ll have to minimize the HVAC costs. For this, you can integrate a smart thermostat into your commercial HVAC unit.

When you don’t use a smart thermostat, you’ll have to choose a preferred setting and keep it like that throughout the day. But this isn’t efficient and wastes too much energy. Here, a smart thermostat comes into play.

A smart thermostat turns off the AC when there is no one in the office. As a result, the energy wastage of your office starts to decline. Besides, when you use smarter controls, it provides you with precise climate control while consuming minimum energy. Moreover, smarter HVAC controls have sensors like DDC, which signals dampers and valves to regulate the outside air. And because of this mechanism, your office’s efficiency will increase by up to 35%.

Again, if you’re frustrated with the peak demand charge imposed by the utility company, smart commercial controls can help you with that. With the smart HVAC controls, you can make necessary adjustments and minimize the peak usage of your business.

2.   Make Smarter Decisions with Data

As a business owner, you already know how important data is to make smarter and wise decisions. When you integrate smart HVAC controls into your commercial HVAC unit, you’ll have a clear idea about the total energy usage, operation of the HVAC equipment and make correct decisions to operate your HVAC unit more efficiently. But when you have older HVAC controls, you won’t have sufficient data to make the right choices. Besides, in some cases, you may have to take blind guesses, which most of the time backfires. Eventually, your business operation cost will shoot up.

If you’re currently using an old HVAC unit in your home, it’s time to upgrade to a smarter HVAC system. With smart HVAC controls, you can make your house as efficient as your business. Besides, you can reduce the heavy HVAC repair fees and improve your overall comfort.

3.   No More Downtime

When you have an HVAC breakdown, all your business operation comes to a halt. But with smart HVAC controls, you won’t have to deal with HVAC breakdowns anymore.

Smart HVAC controls can understand the condition of your HVAC equipment, and if it requires repair or maintenance, it sends the signal to your HVAC service provider or building manager. As a result, you can fix the HVAC problem before it goes out of your hands.

Again, smarter HVAC control can prevent downtime by using secondary equipment. For example, if the primary pump stops functioning, your HVAC unit will automatically start using the secondary heat pump and prevent downtime.

4.   One Interface for All

If you’re struggling with controlling several pieces of equipment at a time, it’s time to switch to smart HVAC control. With smart HVAC technology, you’ll have the power to control all your building equipment from one interface. This includes controlling the HVAC system, lighting of your building, fans, and other electrical equipment.

When you have smart HVAC controls installed in your office, your HVAC system and lights will turn on as soon as the first person enters your office. And when the last person leaves your place, all your lights and HVAC units will turn off. This eliminates the need turning on and off any of your electrical equipment manually. This feature is beneficial for those offices that don’t have any predictable office hours.

5.   Scheduling

With smarter HVAC control, you can set different temperature settings according to your preferences. Besides, it allows you to customize the daylight-saving time. Because of this complex scheduling feature, you can automatically preheat or precool your office before your employees arrive in your office or turn off your system when all the employees leave.


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See the summary of this content here in an infographic – 5 Reasons to Use Smart Commercial HVAC Controls [Infographic]

5 Reasons to Use Smart Commercial HVAC Controls
5 Reasons to Use Smart Commercial HVAC Controls
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