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Trane 2 Ton 17 SEER2 Two-Stage Gas System [with Install] $12,250.00 available in stock


(1) Trane 2 Ton 17.2 SEER2 XL17i 24000 BTUh 2-Stage AC Condenser 4TTX7024E1000, (2) Trane 60000 BTUh 80% AFUE XV80 2-Stage Gas Furnace TUD2B060A9V3V & (3) Trane 1.5-3 Ton 30000 BTUh Downflow/Horizontal/Upflow Cased Coil 4TXCB003DS3HC.

Trane 2 Ton 17.2 SEER2 XL17i 24000 BTUh 2-Stage AC Condenser 4TTX7024E1000

Features of Trane 2 Ton 17.2 SEER2 XL17i Series 24000 BTUh Two-Stage Air Conditioner Condenser 4TTX7024E1000: WeatherGuard II Top to ensure outdoor protection from elements...

Trane 60000 BTUh 80% AFUE XV80 2-Stage Gas Furnace TUD2B060A9V3V

Trane XV80 series 60000 BTUh Two-Stage Gas Furnace TUD2B060A9V3V has an 80% AFUE rating and variable speed blower, ensuring maximum comfort.

Trane 1.5-3 Ton 30000 BTUh Downflow/Horizontal/Upflow Cased Coil 4TXCB003DS3HC

Trane 1.5-3 Ton 30000 BTUh 4TXC Cased Coil 4TXCB003DS3HC is equipped with an all-aluminum Comfort™ coil. This particular cased coil unit from Trane is tested & tried to ensure minimum leaks. Also, the unit is very easy to clean and maintain.

[Not Included with Bundle] RGF® REME HALO® In-Duct Air Purifier for Entire Home [Add-On for $1299]

RGF's REME HALO® In-Duct Air Purifier is an optional add-on we offer with our Trane and Goodman Systems. It purifies air in your entire home/building and kills almost 99% of germs, bacteria & mold.

Trane 2 Ton 17 SEER2 24200 BTUh Two Stage 80% Gas System | XL17i Series 24000 BTUh Air Conditioner Condenser | XV80 60000 BTUh Gas Furnace | 4TXC 30000 BTUh Cased Coil |R-410a Refrigerant | Install Included

Trane systems are, without a doubt, one of the leading giants in air conditioning systems in the market. Their systems are tested rigorously by their engineers and ensure top-mark performance. Therefore, you can always expect to get the best of the best products from Trane, and the Trane 2 Ton 17 SEER2 Two Stage Gas Furnace System is one of the products in Trane’s impressive lineup.

Now, let’s look into each of those components to get a better idea of what makes the Trane system as a whole a perfect solution for your A/C problems.

(1) Trane 2 Ton 17.2 SEER2 XL17i 24000 BTUh 2-Stage AC Condenser 4TTX7024E1000, (2) Trane 60000 BTUh 80% AFUE XV80 2-Stage Gas Furnace TUD2B060A9V3V & (3) Trane 1.5-3 Ton 30000 BTUh Downflow/Horizontal/Upflow Cased Coil 4TXCB003DS3HC.


Trane 2 Ton 17 SEER2 2-Stage Gas System
Nominal Capacity 2 Ton
SEER2 Rating 17 SEER2 (16 SEER2)
EER2 Rating 12 EER2
Capacity 24200 BTUh
Stages Two Stage
Outdoor AC Condenser Unit Trane 4TTX7024E1000
Indoor Gas Furnace Unit Trane TUD2B060A9V3V
Cased Coil Unit Trane 4TXCB003DS3HC
AHRI Reference 208773988


1. Trane 2 Ton 17.2 SEER2 XL17i Series 24000 BTUh Two-Stage Air Conditioner Condenser 4TTX7024E1000

The condenser’s two-stage cooling technology helps Trane achieve its goals of delivering customers with an effective cooling system that provides even cooling to each and every room of your home while maintaining its iconic energy efficiency. Moreover, the two stages of cooling ensure that there are no rapid temperature changes between your home and the surrounding environment and preserve a constant, cool, or warm temperature, depending on your preference. This is a feature in many of the Trane products and has helped propagate their fame for delivering products that are efficient and effective.

  1. WeatherGuard II Top to ensure outdoor protection from elements
  2. Climatuff Scroll Compressor for cost-efficiency and quiet operation
  3. Full-Side Louvered Panels for Durability
  4. Baked-on coating of powder for longevity
  5. Weatherguard Fasteners for protection against corrosion
  6. All-aluminum made Spine Fin coil for outdoor use
  7. Non-Corrosive DuraTuff Base Pan for protection
  8. Unique mount-down shaft fan motor for better performance
  9. Variable-speed fan motor for precision and comfort
  10. Quick-Sess Cabinet with full coil protection
  11. Add-on CleanEffects® Whole Air Home Cleaner filters dirt, dust, and other contaminants
  12. Energy Star qualified unit, ensuring yearly 44% energy cost
  13. Systems Extreme Environmental Test or SEET tested to ensure overall durability
AC Condenser Specifications
Brand Trane
Series XL17i Series
Model 4TTX7024E1000
Ton 2 Ton
Stage Two Stage
Capacity 24000 BTUh
SEER2 Rating 17.2 SEER2
Minimum Circuity Ampacity 13.4 Amp
Breaker Circuit Prot. Rtg. (Max) 20 Amp
Voltage 230/208 Volts
Phase 1
Frequency 60 Hz
Dimension 48” x 37” x 34”
Liquid Line Connection 3/8”
Gas Line Connection 3/4″
ENERGY STAR® qualified Yes


2. Trane 60000 BTUh XV80 series Two-Stage 80% AFUE Gas Furnace TUD2B060A9V3V

Next, we have another vital component of the system, the gas heating furnace. Trane has designed a furnace tailored to deliver efficient performance at about 80% efficiency. This is achieved through some clever engineering that allows the furnace to adjust fan motor speeds to control the amount of heating and regulate it to deliver a constant flow of warm air and maintain a consistent temperature.

  1. Insulated cabinet for quiet operation
  2. Pre-painted galvanized steel cabinet for protection against corrosion
  3. Self-diagnostic microelectronic controller for reliable operation
  4. 24-Volt fuse for control protection
  5. Silicon Nitride Hot Surface Igniter that provides a reliable ignition system to extend
  6. Heavy Steel Insulated Cabinet for durability
  7. Variable Speed blower motor for super-efficient air flow & circulation
  8. Two-Stage gas heating for indoor comfort
  9. Multi-Port In-Shot Burners Shape up the flame cone properly to ensure less fuel consumption
  10. Tubular Heat Exchanger for efficient heat exchange
Gas Furnace Specifications
Brand Trane
Series XV80 Series
Model TUD2B060A9V3V
Heating Capacity 60000 BTUh
Stages Two Stage
Dimension 40” x 17.5” x 28”


3. Trane 1.5–3 Ton 30000 BTU 4TXC Cased Coil 4TXCB003DS3HC

Without an equally efficient and effective cased coil, your system would be incomplete, and you would have to couple your condenser or furnace with another older model, which would essentially hamper the other’s efficiency capabilities. Therefore, it is of great importance to use one of Trane’s best-matched cased coils to go in tandem with your condenser or furnace. Since the goal is to set up a working team to keep your home at the perfect temperature, the Trane coil is the perfect companion to the condensers and furnaces listed above, as it has been AHRI matched. To clarify, AHRI is the governing trade association for the heating and air conditioning industry; therefore, only after rigorous testing of efficiency and capacity ratings does a system get certified as a properly AHRI-matched system.

  1. The durable painted finish increases protection from corrosion & rust
  2. Two-way noncorrosive drain pan doesn’t let water stand
  3. 100% foil-backed insulation for easy clean-up & quiet operation
  4. Rust & corrosion resistant
  5. All-aluminum Comfort™ coil reduces leaks

Cased Coil Specifications

Tonnage 1.5–3 Ton
Capacity 30000 BTU
Coil Type Cased
Configuration Convertible, Downflow, Horizontal Right, Horizontal Left, Upflow
Refrigerant control Piston
Lineset Connection Type Sweat

Cased Coil Dimensions

Gas Connection 3/4 Inch
Liquid Connection 3/8 Inch
Drain Connection 3/4 Inch
Coil Height 17.625 Inch
Coil Width 17.5 Inch
Coil Depth 21.5 Inch

Cased Coil Weight

Coil Weight 42 Lbs.
Coil Shipping Weight 50 Lbs.


All of the efforts to achieve maximum efficiency go a long way in helping the Trane system achieve the attractive 17 SEER2 efficiency rating. Therefore, knowing that the Two-Stage Gas Heating Furnace, 2 Ton Cased Coil, and 2 Stage Condenser have been put together by top professionals to deliver the perfect A/C system for your home, you can rest easy in the comfort provided by the Trane 2 Ton 17 SEER2 Two-Stage System.

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