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Building your own house is the best experience ever. You get to design your home on your own and choose the best materials to build the sanctuary. I’m not talking about just the building materials. You also get to choose the appliances, decorations, and most importantly, the HVAC system. Even if you are not building a new house, you might need to go through a complete AC replacement and you might be wondering what are your options. So, here I am, explaining the 3 most common and efficient heating and cooling systems, especially cooling and their AC repair scenario.

The three heating and air conditioning systems I am going to talk about are –

  1. Central Air Conditioning Units
  2. Mini AC Split Systems &
  3. Windows Units

Now, allow me to explain each of them individually.


1.   Central Air Conditioners

Central Air Conditioners are perhaps the most common cooling options used in North America and in fact all over the world.

These air conditioning units are used mostly installed in average-sized houses. But that doesn’t mean bigger houses can’t install air conditioners as an HVAC system. They can and they do. What they do is use 2-3 or more air conditioning units to cover the cooling needs of a bigger house. The same way industrial plant and manufacturing or packaging facilities use air conditioners for cooling.

The air from the air conditioning units is passed through the air ducts. These air ducts are mounted on the walls that go to every room. These air conditioners control the temperature of the room with the help of a master thermostat. This is how the temperature is maintained.

However, this is perhaps the most inexpensive when it comes to choosing a cooling system. From AC purchase cost, AC installation cost, AC services & repair cost to quality air duct cleaning cost – everything makes your total HVAC cost very high, compared to the other 2 options. But since they can almost provide cooling to your home for up to 20 years, HVAC cost including the AC repair service cost is understandable.


2.   Mini HVAC Split System

The mini Split system might not be the most commonly used among these three options I am talking about today but their popularity is skyrocketing as I write. Their rise in popularity is mainly because of the fact that they are comparatively inexpensive. Another great advantage of Mini-Split system is its compact size. This is the reason why even the small house owners can afford to have a mini-split HVAC system.

Another place where the mini-split HVAC system saves money is the ducts. It is a ductless system, meaning there is no need to have air ducts mounted in walls. So, no need for air duct system installation cost, air duct cleaning cost which tones down the complete HVAC cost.

Instead of air ducts, these mini-split HVAC systems use two individual units. Interior units and exterior units.

The exterior units are attached to the interior wall and the counterpart, the interior units are mounted to the wall. The temperature is controlled by a thermostat like the central air conditioner units.

However, there is one major dissimilarity between central air conditioners and mini-split systems. While a central air conditioner can cover a big space or multiple rooms, these mini-split systems only cool down single rooms or small areas. So, you need multiple units to cover a medium to big houses. This is why having a mini split system installed costs much more in a bigger house.

But this AC installation cost is for one time only. The HVAC costs come down again since each unit is controlled by different thermostats. This way, you can control each mini split system individually. So when you need to adjust the temperature of your bedroom, you can do it without altering the temperature of other parts of the house.


3.   Window Units

These units are not the most common but it definitely has its own advantage. The biggest advantage is they are not that expensive like the mini split systems. Besides, they can be installed on the existing window. However, if you don’t want to block your window, you can make a whole new space on the walls for installing the unit.

However, they are not as efficient as the as mini-split HVAC system or central AC unit. But they are definitely an inexpensive option for your home.


Bottom Line

So, these were my intros for Central Air Conditioning Unit, Mini AC Split System & Windows Unit cooling systems. By now, you should be deciding which cooling system you are installing in your home.

In summary, if you already have an air duct system installed in your home, central ac units might be your best option. But if you are looking for a cooling system that needs to cover just a small area, you could look into the mini-split AC systems.


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