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Recently, Dallas has faced the heaviest snowfall in the last few decades. Due to heavy snowfall, electricity was gone for few days, and unfortunately, many people lost their lives. This devastating snowfall has impacted the HVAC systems as well. A number of HVAC owners in Dallas are facing problems with their heating systems that only local HVAC companies can help with. But these HVAC problems could be avoided if proper steps were taken earlier. This article will talk briefly about how you can protect your heating system from the snow.


Why You Should be Worried about Snowfall

If you don’t take necessary HVAC protection during a snowstorm, ice can accumulate in your heating and cooling system and cause damages. For example, it can cause airflow problems in your HVAC system. Besides, your HVAC efficiency can get reduced. Apart from this, you can HVAC problems like corrosion, rust build-up, etc.

Again, when there is too much snow outside the exterior vents of your heating and cooling system, your HVAC system will have to run longer. Moreover, if the snow blocks your furnace’s exhaust, toxic chemicals will start to enter your home and cause health problems.


HVAC System in Snow
HVAC System in Snow


4 Ways to Protect the Heating System from Snow

1.    Clear the Intake Vents of Your Furnace

Your furnace receives the necessary air from the intake vents and uses it for combustion. If your furnace fails to start up, there is a high chance that the snow has blocked your heating system’s intake vents. As soon as you face such problems, go outside and check whether the intake vents are closed or not.

If you find out that the intake vents are blocked by the snow, clear them quickly. It’s an easy DIY task. So, it won’t take much effort.

However, if you’re not comfortable in cleaning, you can call your nearby HVAC professional. After cleaning your heating system’s intake vents, turn off your heating system and wait for a few minutes. After that, turn your heating system again and reset it.

2.    Keep the Furnace Exhaust Clean

As I mentioned earlier, heavy snowfall can block the exhaust of your heating system. Due to the recent heavy snowfall in Dallas, there is a high chance that your furnace exhaust is blocked by the snow. If you find out that the exhaust of your heating system is blocked, you shouldn’t make in delay and start cleaning the snow.

Because when the furnace exhaust is blocked, it’ll start producing toxins like carbon monoxide that will enter your space. As you all know, carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas, and it can cause respiratory problems. Besides, when the furnace exhaust is blocked, your furnace won’t start and cause other damages.

However, modern furnaces have safety features that prevent all these problems. But if you have an old furnace or heating system, you’ll have to clean it by yourself. Besides, no matter whether you have a modern furnace or an old furnace, there is no harm in taking extra HVAC precautions.

3.    Cut the Risky Tree Branches Outside

Most homes have tree branches around their outside HVAC unit. These tree branches will seem harmless in the warmer months, but they can cause serious damages to your HVAC system in heavy snowfall. When there is heavy snowfall, snow will start to accumulate in these tree branches and snap off your HVAC system. Eventually, your HVAC system will be damaged.

That’s why if you have such risky tree branches in your backyard, cut those branches and limbs.

4.    Clean the HVAC Unit Itself

After a heavy snowfall, you’ll have to clean your furnace or heating. As I mentioned in the beginning, when snow accumulates in the HVAC system, it creates several problems that can lead to heavy HVAC repairs. That’s why you must clean your heating system after the recent heavy snowfall.

However, while cleaning your heating system, don’t use a sharp stick or an icepick. It’ll cause more damage to your HVAC system parts. Instead, you can use warm water or ice melt to clean your heating system.


See the summary of this content here in an infographic – Protecting HVAC System from Snow [Infographic]

Protecting HVAC System from Snow
Protecting HVAC System from Snow


It’s obvious that you’ll face some HVAC problems after the heavy snowfall in Dallas. If you need any HVAC repairs, you should call your nearby heating and cooling professional. Remember, even a small HVAC problem can lead to heavy HVAC repairs, and HVAC repairs don’t come cheap. So, never ignore HVAC maintenance.


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