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When we use an AC at home or office space, not only it removes heat from our space but also humidity. But when there is low humidity, it can create few problems such as irritation, dryness, skin-related problems, etc. In this article, I’ll talk briefly about humidification in air conditioning systems.


All You Need to Know about Humidifier and Air Conditioner

When Should I Start Using Humidifier with Air Conditioner?

Usually, in summer, we use air conditioners almost all the time. As I mentioned earlier, the air conditioner removes both moisture and heat while cooling our home. Due to dry air, you can have skin-related problems such as dryness, itchiness, etc. Besides, when the humidity becomes low, it can cause respiratory problems as well. If you have someone in your home who has asthma problems, you should be more concerned about the humidity of your home.

So, if you’re currently facing these problems, you must need a vaporizer with your AC unit.

  • Dryness
  • itchiness
  • Headaches
  • Chapped Lips
  • Nose Irritation, etc.

Ideal Humidity Levels in Humidifier AC Unit

The ideal humidity or moisture level of a home or office space is between 35 and 55 percentage. If the humidity level goes beyond or below this level, it will hamper your comfort. For example, when the moisture levels are less than 30%, it shows that the air in your house or space is dry. Due to dry air, you may face problems like itchiness, dry skin, throat problems, etc. On the other hand, when the moisture level is more than 60%, it tells that the air in your house or space contains too much vapor.

When there is too much water or vapor in the air, the air will absorb less water vapor. As a result, you’ll start to sweat and feel uncomfortable. Besides, when there is excess water vapor in the air, it’ll create a friendly environment for bacteria and other molds to grow. As a result, your entire house will slowly become filled with these microorganisms.

That’s why the humidity levels should be between 35% to 55%. At these humidity levels, you’ll feel comfortable and have no health problems.


How does AC with Humidifier Works?

In humidifiers, there is a reservoir or tank that holds the cool water and connects with a basin. Then the wicking filter collects the water from the basin, and a fan blows the water into the air. That’s how humidifiers add vapor to the air.


6 Types of Humidifier Air Conditioning

1. Ultrasonic Humidifiers

In this type of vaporizer, there is a metal diaphragm that vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency and produces cool mist. There is a misconception about ultrasonic humidifiers that it creates a lot of noise, but in reality, it’s absolutely silent.

2. Central Humidifier or Air Conditioner with Built-in Humidifier

The central vaporizer is built-in with an air conditioner, heating units, or HVAC system. As a result, when you turn on your HVAC system, the humidifier turns on automatically or when it’s needed. Most of the modern cooling units have a built-in humidification system. If you are not sure if your central AC has one or want to get a new central AC with this built-in humidification, ask your local HVAC provider about it.

3. Impeller Vaporizer

In this type of vaporizer, there is a disk with a diffuser. It’s the diffuser that breaks the water and makes them into droplets.

4. Steam or Vaporizer

This vaporizer boils water inside the humidifier and releases hot water or moisture into the air. If you want to use a vaporizer that is cheap and has advanced technology, this vaporizer is the best in the market. You can find this steam or hot water-producing vaporizer for less than 10 dollars. Besides, it consumes less energy than most other humidifiers on the market.

5. Portable Vaporizer

From the name, you can understand that you can use a portable room vaporizer anywhere in the home. It’s designed in a way that you can easily move this vaporizer from one room to another. If you don’t have a built-in or central humidifier in your air conditioning unit and want to buy one, a portable humidifier can be the go-to option for you.

6. Evaporators Cool Mist Humidifier with AC On

This humidifier is self-regulating, which means that when there is high humidity in your space, it’ll stop adding moisture to the air. It has a fan that blows air by using the wick or belt.


FAQs about AC with Humidifier

Can You Use Humidifier with AC?

Yes, you can.

Should you use a Humidifier with Air Conditioner?

Absolutely. Moreover, as summer is usually hot and dry, you should invest in a good humidifier to tackle the harshness of the summer.

What are the Children Safety Measures for Air Conditioner with Humidifier?

As steam vaporizers can cause a burn, it’s better to keep children away from the humidifier.

Should I be Worried about Minerals While Using Whole-House Humidifier with Air Conditioner?

If you have an excessive amount of minerals in your home water, you should be worried a bit about your central vaporizer. Because when there is an excessive amount of minerals in the water, your central humidifier will release the minerals as dust. As a result, your indoor air quality may get reduced. That’s why it’s recommended that you use distilled water in your home central vaporizer.

Which Types of Humidifier Offers Low Cost in Using Humidifier with Air conditioner?

Ultrasonic and impeller vaporizers have a minimum energy cost.

Are There Any Health Hazards in Using a Humidifier in an Air-Conditioned Room?

Till now, there is no health hazard, but when there is excessive moisture in the air, it can create dampness and allow bacteria to grow, which can lead to many diseases.


See the summary of this article here – 6 Types of Humidification In AC [Infographic]


6 Types of Humidification In AC
6 Types of Humidification In AC


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