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As winter is coming, you need to be cautious about the expenses of cold weather and the HVAC system. That’s why, in this article, I’ll talk about a few money-saving tips for the HVAC system in winter. Keep reading.


Top 4 Money-Saving Tips for HVAC System

1.   Add a Programmable Thermostat

As you’ll be using your HVAC system more in winter, you need to set a perfect temperature that will help you to save money. But unfortunately, many homeowners fail in this task and end up spending more money on electricity.

To solve this problem, you can add a programmable thermostat in your HVAC system. With a programmable thermostat, you can schedule the temperature of your HVAC system. As a result, you won’t have to change the temperature manually.

Again, you can control your HVAC system remotely. If you’re looking to give your house a modern look, there is no better option than a programmable thermostat. But most importantly, a programmable thermostat saves money.

With a programmable thermostat, your energy consumption will be reduced by 10 to 12 percentage. If you want to save more money on heating bills, you’ll have to set your HVAC temperature more cautiously.

For example, when you’re not at home, you can decrease the temperature by 8 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, you’ll be able to save more 5 to 7 percentage energy. Again, when you’re sleeping, if you lower your HVAC temperature by 1 to 2 degrees Fahrenheit, you can save another 1 percentage of energy. Thus, your energy consumption will be reduced, and you’ll notice a drastic decline in your heating bills.

2.   Inspect Your HVAC Air Ducts

An air duct is an integral part of the HVAC system as it carries the hot and cold air from the HVAC system. When there is a leak in the HVAC air ducts, you won’t get the desired heating from your HVAC system because a significant amount of air will leak through the holes of the air duct.

Besides, to reach your desired temperature, your HVAC system will have to run longer and consume more electricity. Eventually, your heating bills will go up, and you’ll end up spending more money on heating bills.

That’s why it’s recommended that you check your HVAC air ducts in starting of the winter. This will help you get the most out of your HVAC system and save money.

Again, while inspecting the HVAC air ducts, you can call an HVAC professional. They will check the HVAC air ducts thoroughly, and if they find any leak, they will fix it on the spot.

Many homeowners try to fix their HVAC air duct problem by themselves, but sometimes, the fix becomes temporary. But an HVAC professional will fix the problem permanently. For HVAC air duct problem, HVAC professionals use mastic sealing, and this is the best possible solution for HVAC air duct leak problems. That’s why you should always call an HVAC professional to fix your HVAC air duct leak problem.

3.   Replace Your Dirty HVAC Air Filter

It’s the simplest task yet ignored. Dirty HVAC air filter is the enemy of an HVAC system. When your HVAC system has a dirty air filter, it’ll block the airflow of your HVAC system. As a result, your HVAC system won’t get enough air to produce the desired temperature. Eventually, your HVAC system will have to run longer, and it’ll start to consume more electricity.

Again, dirty HVAC air filter limits the capacity of the blower motor. In the worst-case scenario, your HVAC system will stop working due to the dirty HVAC air filter.

That’s why it’s recommended that you change your HVAC air filter every 60 to 90 days. With a clean HVAC air filter, you can save up to 10% of electricity. Also, you’ll have less HVAC repair fees and maintenance costs.

4.   Do Furnace or Heat Pump Maintenance Checkup

If you want your HVAC heating system to smoothly throughout the winter, you should do furnace or heat pump maintenance checkup. For example, replacing your HVAC air filter, keeping the surrounding of your HVAC system clean, etc. These activities will allow you to run your HVAC system smoothly and save money on heating bills. Besides, if you want to run your HVAC system for years, there is no better way than regular HVAC maintenance checkups.


See the summary of this content in an infographic here – 4 Winter HVAC Money Saving Tips [Infographic]

4 Winter HVAC Money Saving Tips
4 Winter HVAC Money Saving Tips

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