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An HVAC unit keeps your space comfortable. To keep it running throughout the year, you will have to take care of it and for that, you need to keep an eye on the unit for some telltale signs. If you do notice the following signs, you should call for professional HVAC help.


4 HVAC Danger Signs that Require Immediate Attention


1.  Foul Odor

If you notice a foul odor coming out of your HVAC unit, it indicates that there is something wrong in the HVAC system and requires immediate action. For example, if you notice skunk spray around your heating or cooling system, you should turn off the HVAC system immediately and call for an emergency HVAC service. Because this type of smell indicates a gas leak, and if the situation is not handled properly, it can lead to an explosion.

You may think that natural gas is odorless. Then how am I smelling it? Because gas used in the HVAC unit has Mercaptan, which makes it easier to detect gas leaks. So, as soon as you detect a gas leak, leave the house and wait until the HVAC technician arrives.

Again, if you notice a gun powder-like smell from your HVAC system, it indicates that the fan motor has been sorted out. Here, you will need an expert HVAC technician to replace the fan motor and check other parts of the HVAC unit.

If you smell exhaust fumes or sweaty feet around the AC or furnace, you should take action ASAP. Because this smell indicates that there is a fluid leak from your HVAC unit, and requires professional handling.


2.  HVAC Refrigerant Leak

HVAC refrigerant absorbs heat and releases it outside. Thus, it keeps the space cool and comfortable. However, HVAC refrigerant is toxic and a health-hazard component. This is why if you figure out that there is a refrigerant leak from the air conditioner, you should call an HVAC expert and refill. Under no circumstances you should get in contact with the HVAC refrigerant. Also, while hiring an HVAC expert for refilling, ensure that he has all the licenses and certificates to handle refrigerant.

If you are using an old HVAC unit, chances are your HVAC system has R22 Freon as the refrigerant. But as it harms the ozone layer and is hazardous to humans, the US government has banned the use of Freon as a refrigerant. So, if you need to refill this refrigerant, you may not find it, and even if you do, it will cost 3x/4x more than the regular price. Also, as a responsible citizen, you should not use any product that is harmful to the environment. In this scenario, it is advised to replace the old HVAC unit with a new one and use R-410A as the HVAC refrigerant.


3.  Crackling or Sizzling Sound

If the HVAC electrical problems aren’t handled correctly and in time, it can light your house on fire. That is why as soon as you find out there are electrical issues in your HVAC unit, you should call an HVAC expert or electrician to look at the HVAC components.

If you notice a crackling or sizzling sound coming out of the HVAC unit, it indicates that there is arcing. Arcing is the condition where the electricity goes from one connection to another through the air, causing sparks. Apart from Arcing, your HVAC unit can have other electrical failures such as the malfunctioning capacitor, compressor, motor, and loose wiring.

All these mentioned HVAC electrical issues are critical and shouldn’t be ignored.


4.  Allergies and Respiratory Issues

Apart from cooling the space, an air conditioning unit keeps the indoor air clean. It cleans the air by incorporating an air filter. However, if you don’t replace the AC filter regularly, it will get clogged. And when the air filter is clogged, dust and other particles will float in your house. If you breathe such polluted air, you will start to have allergies and other respiratory issues. Moreover, dust can enter the HVAC unit and damage the internal components. As a result, you won’t get the desired cooling from the HVAC system. Also, it will lead to frequent and costly HVAC repairs. This is why you must change the AC filter every 2 to 3 months.


If you have noticed these signs recently in your home, call Green Leaf Air, a one-stop HVAC service provider. We provide HVAC repair, maintenance, and air duct cleaning in Dallas and surrounding areas. Also, you can purchase different HVAC units from us. For more details, call us at 972-992-5006.


See the summary of this content here in this infographic – 4 HVAC Danger Signs that Require Immediate Handling [Infographic]


4 HVAC Danger Signs that Require Immediate Handling
4 HVAC Danger Signs that Require Immediate Handling
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