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Summer is almost over, and fall is knocking at the door. Now it’s time to pack all the summer stuff and start preparing for bonfires and football. But wait, don’t forget about the fall HVAC maintenance. With regular HVAC maintenance, you can get the best from your HVAC system. Besides, your HVAC system will be running smoothly and efficiently. As a result, you’ll be able to save a significant amount of money on heating and cooling bills. In this article, I’ll talk about a fall HVAC maintenance tips.


4 Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips

1.    Start with Your HVAC Air Filter

HVAC air filter is an integral part of the HVAC system, and it blocks all the dust and allergens from entering your space. As summer in Dallas is very hot and dry, your HVAC air filter had to block more dust and debris compared to other seasons. That’s why there’s a high chance that your HVAC air filter will be very dirty at the end of the summer.

When the HVAC air filter is dirty or clogged, your HVAC air filter won’t be able to block dust and allergens efficiently. As a result, your indoor air quality will be reduced. Again, if you have someone in your family who has an allergy problem, poor air quality will create a lot of problems for your dear ones.

Besides, dust and debris block the airflow of your HVAC system. As a result, your HVAC system won’t get enough airflow to produce the desired cooling.

To produce the desired temperature, your HVAC system will have to work longer, and it’ll create a lot of stress and strain on the electrical system of your HVAC system. As a result, your heating and cooling bills will go up, and you’ll need frequent HVAC repair.

That’s why at the end of the summer, you’ll have to change your HVAC air filter. If you’re not comfortable changing the HVAC air filter by yourself, you can schedule an HVAC maintenance checkup. There are a number of HVAC professional in Dallas who are highly expert in HVAC systems, and you can call them to install the HVAC air filter.

2.    Adjust the HVAC Thermostat

It’s a common mistake done by many homeowners that they forget to change the temperature of their HVAC thermostat. But if you want to save money and operate your HVAC system smoothly, you’ll have to change the temperature of your HVAC thermostat at the end of each season.

During fall, houses are generally empty in the day time, and the weather is a bit cool in the evening. That’s why you’ll have to set a temperature that matches with your daily routine. The best way to set the temperature is by installing a programmable or smart thermostat in your HVAC system. With a programmable or smart thermostat, you can schedule the temperature according to your preference and daily routine. Besides, a programmable thermostat can give your house a futuristic look.

Again, if you want to save money on heating and cooling bills, there is no other option better than a programmable or smart thermostat. To know more about how to set the thermostat settings or how to choose the right thermostat.

3.    Clean the HVAC Vents

As I mentioned earlier, summer in Dallas is very dry and humid, and as a result, it is usual that dust and debris will accumulate in your HVAC system. When there are dust and debris in your HVAC vent, the overall efficiency of your HVAC system will be reduced to 1/10th. Eventually, you’ll have to pay more money for heating and cooling bills, and you may need frequent HVAC repairs. That’s why it’s necessary to clean your HVAC vents at the end of the summer. By cleaning your HVAC vent, you’ll get the best output from your HVAC system, and the overall efficiency of your HVAC system will be increased.

4.    Schedule HVAC Maintenance

If you want to run your HVAC system smoothly, there’s no alternative to HVAC maintenance. When you do an HVAC maintenance checkup, an HVAC professional will check all the parts of your HVAC system. If the HVAC professional finds any fault in your HVAC system, he or she will repair or replace it during the HVAC maintenance checkups. Thus, the condition of your HVAC system will be top-notch throughout the year, and you won’t need any heavy HVAC repairs.


See the summary of this content here in an infographic – 4 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Fall [Infographic]

4 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Fall
4 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Fall

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