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Salons and spas are full of chemical fumes coming from nail polish, hair dyes, and hair sprays. Generally, salon owners and employees are accustomed to these chemical fumes, but that doesn’t mean that the customers will feel comfortable with these chemical odors. Due to the COVID-19, customers are paying attention to the indoor air quality more than ever. If the air quality in your spa or salon isn’t well-kept, you may lose customers, and it’ll hurt your business badly, especially in this tough situation. Luckily, there are HVAC solutions for chemical odors and poor indoor air quality. In this article, I’ll talk about a few ways to improve indoor air quality in spas and salons.


3 Ways to Improve Air Quality in Spas and Salons

1.   Install an Air Purifier

Air purifiers are very effective when it comes to removing dust and vapors from the air. Air purifiers that are specially designed for spas and salons come with HEPA technology. HEPA technology allows the air purifier to remove dust and vapor from its close proximity. As a result, your indoor air quality remains at a good level all the time.

There are different types of air purifiers – home use air purifiers and commercial use air purifiers.

Home use air purifiers are designed to remove dust and particles that are found in homes such as pollens or allergens. If you buy an air purifier that is designed for home use, you won’t be able to remove chemical odors from your spa and salon. Besides, the purpose of using an air purifier will be destroyed. That’s why it’s important to invest in an air purifier that is specially designed for commercial use.

Again, COVID-19 is spreading rapidly, and if you want to keep your customers and employees safe from the COVID-19 virus, you can use an air purifier that uses bipolar ionization and oxidation technology. Air purifiers with these state-of-the-art technologies send ions to the air and deactivate the virus. As a result, the virus gets destroyed and cannot spread any more. Besides, these technologies are very useful in removing other pollutants such as pollens, allergens, and dust.

2.   Control the Humidity

If you want to keep your indoor air clean, you’ll have to control the humidity of your spa and salon. As we all know, high humidity is the breeding ground for bacteria and viruses to grow. If the humidity level of your space gets high, viruses, bacteria, and molds will start to grow rapidly and spread in your space. As a result, your employees and customers will start to develop allergy problems and illnesses.

If you have an oversized air conditioner, it can cause high humidity problem. An oversized air conditioner will cycle on and off frequently, and as a result, the air conditioner won’t be able to remove the humidity from the spa and salon. Eventually, the humidity level will go up in your shop. That’s why while buying a new HVAC system, you should contact an HVAC professional and buy according to the size of your shop.

To control the humidity, you’ll have to give attention to your ventilation system. Generally, spas have water lounge and thermal hot tub. If you have these facilities in your spa, you’ll have to more careful about the ventilation system of your spa.

To maintain proper water chemistry in your spa, you’ll have to ensure proper spa ventilation. Proper spa ventilation will vent out the chemically treated air from your spa and make the indoor air clean.

Again, you can use a dehumidifier in your spa and salon to keep the humidity at a certain level all the time.

3.   Use a Multi-Stage Filtration System

The multi-stage filtration system is another way to keep the indoor air clean. A multi-stage air filter comes with a prefilter that removes bigger sized particles from your spa and salon. Besides, this multi-stage filtration system includes a HEPA filter or E-HEPA filter.

HEPA or E-HEPA filters are very effective in removing small particles from your space. These filters are able to remove particles that are 1/100th the diameter of a human hair. From this, you can understand the capability of a HEPA or E-HEPA filter.


See the summary of this article here in an infographic – 3 Ways to Improve Air Quality in Salons & Spas [Infographic]

3 Ways to Improve Air Quality in Salons & Spas
3 Ways to Improve Air Quality in Salons & Spas

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