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People who come to the gym are health conscious and won’t tolerate poor indoor air quality. If your gym has poor indoor air quality, your customers will start to look for a new place to workout. That’s why it’s necessary to ensure the good indoor air quality in your gym.


Why Good Air Ventilation is Necessary

When your gym has a poor ventilation system, you’ll start to notice high humidity in your gym and the presence of excessive carbon-di-oxide. Besides, your gym will have uncontrolled temperature and bad odor that will drive your customers away from your gym.

Apart from these issues, you’ll have problems like molds in your HVAC system, and HVAC system breakdown. Again, due to high humidity and excessive carbon-di-oxide, your gym members will feel exhausted and have breathing problems.

Again, bad indoor air quality or poor ventilation system will have an impact on your HVAC system too. When your gym has a poor ventilation system, there will be more dust and small particles in your gym. As a result, these dust and small particles will start to accumulate in your HVAC system.

Dust and debris are enemies of the HVAC system, and they can lead to HVAC system failure. When your HVAC system has dust and debris in it, it won’t be able to run efficiently. As a result, your heating and cooling bills will go up. Besides, your HVAC system will require more wear and tear. In the worst-case scenario, your HVAC system will have a breakdown.

That’s why you’ll have to ensure good ventilation system and good indoor air quality. In this article, I’ll talk about a few ways to fight poor indoor air quality in your gym.


3 Ways to Fight Poor Indoor Air Quality in Gyms

1.  Use HVAC Air Purification Technologies

If you’re using HVAC system for a while, you may have heard about HEPA or MERV HVAC air filters. These HVAC air filters are efficient in blocking small particles and dust from entering your space. If you’re planning to buy a HEPA or MERV HVAC air filter for your gym, always go for a high rated HVAC air filter.

HEPA or MERV HVAC air filter rating ranges from 1 to 16. Higher the rating, the more efficient your HVAC air filter is in blocking small particles. However, there is a catch. If your HVAC system is old, there is a high chance that your HVAC system won’t be able to handle a high rated HVAC air filter. That’s why before buying a high rated HVAC air filter, always consult with an HVAC professional.

Again, you can invest in HVAC air purification technologies. There are various HVAC air purification technologies available in the market that can block microparticles and micro-organisms. These HVAC air purification technologies will keep your gym safe from viruses and bacteria.

2.  Design Your HVAC System Properly

Proper HVAC designs are important when you’re trying to ensure indoor air quality. For HVAC design, you can contact an HVAC professional.

There are a number of gym materials that produce VOCs. VOCs are extremely harmful to the human body, and it will lower the indoor air quality. Fortunately, you can use materials that produce low VOCs. To know more details about these materials, you’ll have to hire an HVAC professional to design your HVAC system.

Again, if you’re planning to retrofit an existing gym facility, you should take help from an HVAC professional. An HVAC professional will inspect the existing heating, cooling, and ventilation system. If the HVAC professional finds any fault in it, the HVAC professional will repair it.

When you’re trying to ensure good indoor air quality, you’ll have to install your HVAC systems in the right place. For this, there is no better person than an HVAC professional. An expert HVAC professional will tell you where to install the HVAC system for good indoor air quality.

That’s why for proper HVAC system design. Always contact with an HVAC professional and hire one when needed.

3.  Regular HVAC Maintenance

There is no alternative to regular HVAC maintenance when it comes to good indoor air quality. With regular HVAC maintenance, your HVAC system will perform efficiently. Besides, your gym space will have less dust and debris. As a result, your gym members will feel comfortable and thus, you can increase your revenue.


See the summary of this content in an infographic – 3 Ways to Fight Poor Air Quality in Gyms [Infographic]

3 Ways to Fight Poor Air Quality in Gyms
3 Ways to Fight Poor Air Quality in Gyms

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