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People come to spas and salons to look and feel good. But when the indoor air quality of your spa or salon is poor, your clients won’t feel comfortable. They will lose the urge to come to your spa, which will eventually affect your salon business.

In spas and salons, the use of nail polish, aerosols, hair dyes, and other chemicals are common, and usually, employees of the spa are accustomed to it. But don’t expect the same from your clients. Because of this pandemic, people are more sensitive about their health. Besides, some customers are allergic to these spa chemicals. As a spa or salon owner, you definitely don’t want to put your clients at risk, right?

So, what can you do to keep your clients safe and make them keep coming to your salon? Fortunately, there are some HVAC solutions to tackle these air quality and odor issues.


3 Signs Your Salon or Spa Requires HVAC Checkup

1.      Odor

In spas and salons, employees have to use chemicals to give their customers a certain look. But after using these chemicals, if you notice that the chemical odor is still circulating inside the salon, you need a ventilation upgrade right now.

Again, if the odor drifts from one room to another, you need a ventilation upgrade as well. Usually, when there is not enough airflow, the indoor air becomes stagnant and causes this type of odor problem.

2.      Fog in the Window

If you notice that the windows of your salon or spa are covered with water vapor, it’s because your salon has a humidity issue. As soon as you notice this issue, you should take quick action and solve this problem. Because due to humidity imbalance, your spa or salon can be the breeding ground for various microorganisms.

3.      Dust is Everywhere

When the HVAC air ducts of your spa or salon are filled with dust and other particles, you’ll notice dust on your furniture and salon chair. Generally, when you skip air duct cleaning for years, you face such issues. Contact your nearby air duct cleaning professional and have your HVAC air ducts checked as soon as you identify this issue.


3 Tips to Fight Indoor Air Quality Issues in Spas & Salons

1.      Add an Air Purifier

By adding an air purifier to your spa, you can bring a drastic change to your indoor air quality. As there are different types of humidifiers available on the market, it’s recommended that you buy an air purifier that is specially designed for spas and salons.

These air purifiers come with HEPA air filters, which effectively eliminate dust and chemical odors. Again, if you’re concerned about the COVID-19, you can use an air purifier that has bipolar & ionization technologies. This type of air purifier not only filters the air but also sends charged particles that destroy the droplets.

While buying an air purifier, you’ll have to ensure that you’re not buying a home air purifier. Because air purifiers designed for homes cannot eliminate particles that are found in spas and salons.

2.      Install a Source Capture System

The best way to remove dust and chemicals from a spa is by installing a source capture system in your salon or spa. This source capture system has the capability to draw around 50 cubic feet/minute airflow when it’s placed at least 6-inches away from the dust source. As a result, your employees and clients can have a cleaner breathing space free from dust and harmful chemicals.

For installing a source capture system in your spa or salon, contact your local HVAC professionals and install it professionally.

3.      Control Your Spa’s Humidity

Generally, when you have an oversized cooling unit, your AC will cycle frequently and cannot effectively remove moisture from the air. As a result, the moisture level shoots up and causing various problems.

When the humidity level in your spa is high, your clients will feel sweaty and uncomfortable. Besides, as I mentioned earlier, high humid areas are the breeding ground for various microorganisms. To keep the humidity level of your spa in check, you can install a humidifier in your spa or salon.

Green Leaf Air provides all types of HVAC solutions for businesses and homes. For more details, call 972-992-5006.


See the summary of this content here in this infographic – 3 Tips to Fight Spa & Salon Air Quality Issues [Infographic]

3 Tips to Fight Salon & Spa Air Quality Issues
3 Tips to Fight Salon & Spa Air Quality Issues
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