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In 2010, according to the NFPA or National Fire Protection Association, there were more than 7000 reported fire cases caused by a faulty air conditioning system. More than 25 people died, and thousands were injured because of air conditioner fire. Besides, properties worth millions of dollars were damaged. Surprisingly, all these air conditioner fire incidents happened in June, July, and August.

But with proper maintenance, education, and a little bit of common sense, these air conditioner fire incidents could have been prevented. As most of the air conditioner fire incidents happen in the summer, you’ll have to be careful while using your air conditioner in summer. Luckily, you can easily prevent air conditioner fire and operate your air conditioner safely if you follow these steps.


3 Causes of AC Fire & Ways to Prevent It

1.    Flammable Materials near the Air Conditioner Unit

Many homeowners don’t clean the surrounding of their air conditioner. As a result, leaves, dust, and unused papers start to accumulate near the air conditioner unit. But this can be hazardous.

When you don’t go for a regular HVAC maintenance checkup, your air conditioner unit starts to perform poorly. The overall efficiency of your air conditioner decreases drastically, and your air conditioner has more wear and tear. Eventually, your air conditioner starts overheating.

Paper, leaves, dust, etc. are very flammable, and if they are near while air conditioner overheating, it’s inevitable that your air conditioner will catch fire. That’s why you’ll have to the surroundings of your air conditioner regularly. Also, don’t put flammable materials near your air conditioner unit. Besides, don’t put any objects near the air conditioner, and if you really need to then maintain at least three feet distance from the air conditioner.

Apart from cleaning, don’t forget to do regular HVAC maintenance checkups. By doing regular HVAC maintenance checkups, you can ensure your air conditioner runs smoothly, and it won’t overheat. Eventually, the chances of catching air conditioner fire will be decreased.

2.    Dirty Air Conditioner

A dirty air conditioner can be the reason behind air conditioner fire. When you don’t clean your air conditioner for a long time, dust and debris start to form inside your air conditioner. These dust and debris block the airflow of your air conditioner. As a result, your air conditioner doesn’t get enough air supply, and it has to run longer to produce the desired cooling.

When your air conditioner runs for a long time, your air conditioner starts to have a lot of strain on the electrical system of your air conditioner. Besides, your air conditioner starts to overheat, and eventually, your air conditioner catches fire.

To prevent this from happening, you’ll have to clean your air conditioner regularly. You can contact an HVAC professional and schedule regular HVAC maintenance checkups. Thus, your air conditioner will be free from dust and debris, and chances of catching air conditioner fire will be decreased drastically.

Again, as air conditioner air filter plays a key role in blocking dust and debris from entering your HVAC unit, don’t forget to change the air filter of your air conditioner regularly. It’s recommended that you change the AC air filter every two to three months, depending on the place you live.

3.    Faulty Air Conditioner Installation

It’s another common mistake done by many homeowners that they try to install their air conditioner unit by themselves. But this practice should be avoided to protect your air conditioner or HVAC system from fire.

As air conditioner units are very sensitive, homeowners should call a certified HVAC professional while installing their air conditioner unit. If your air conditioner isn’t properly installed, chances of getting exposed to corrosive material will be increased, and if so, your air conditioner will catch fire. Besides, a faulty air conditioner installation puts a lot of stress and strain on the electrical system of the air conditioner. As a result, the air conditioner starts to overheat and perform poorly. While overheating, if the air conditioner gets exposed to corrosive materials, your air conditioner will catch fire and damage your property.

That’s why, while installing, always call an HVAC professional to install the unit properly. Thus, your air conditioner will perform smoothly and safely. Besides, you’ll get the best output from your air conditioner.


See the summary of this content here in the infographic – 3 Reasons for AC Fire [Infographic]

3 Reasons for AC Fire
3 Reasons for AC Fire

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