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HVAC system is a very complex machine and it consists of different parts. If these parts have any problem, your air conditioning unit will show some signs including noise coming from your HVAC system. However, this isn’t uncommon for an air conditioning unit to make noises. In this article, I’ll give a few reasons behind your loud air conditioner problem.


Why Is My Air Conditioner Loud? Is It Normal?

As I mentioned above that the air conditioner is a very complex system, and it’s normal to hear noises while it’s running. Generally, you’ll hear humming sounds coming from your system. However, if you hear abnormally loud noise such as hissing noise or rattling noise coming from your AC, there is a high chance that your air conditioning unit has an issue and it need repairs.

Furnace Pilot Ignitor
Furnace Pilot Ignitor


Why Is My Air Conditioning So Loud? – 5 Reasons Why

1.    Refrigerant Leak Causing Loud AC Problem

Refrigerant is an important component of your AC unit. It absorbs the heat from your space and releases it to the outside compressor unit of your HVAC unit. But when you have a leak in your refrigerant, you’ll start to hear hissing noises coming from your AC unit. Apart from this, you’ll face few signs such as you’ll notice warm air coming from your AC. Besides, your HVAC unit will have frequent turn on and offs. As a result, your monthly cooling bills will go up.

To solve this problem, you must call your nearby HVAC professional and repair the leaks of your HVAC unit.

2.    Dirty HVAC Filter Making Your Air Conditioner Too Loud

The main function of an HVAC air filter is to block outdoor microparticles from entering your space. But when it’s dirty, it cannot block outdoor particles and as a result, dirt and debris start to enter your home and air conditioning units. But dirt and debris are very harmful to your AC unit. When this dirt and debris accumulate in the air conditioners, it starts to make rattling noises. That’s why you’ll have to make sure that you change your HVAC air filter regularly and do regular HVAC maintenance checkups to keep your AC unit from heavy repairs.

3.    Loose Parts and Fan Blades Making Your Question “Why Air Conditioner is Too Loud”

Malfunctioned fan blades and parts could be the reasons behind your noisy air conditioner issues. As you all know that the HVAC system is made of numerous parts. If any of these parts get loose, your AC may produce abnormal sound. Again, your outdoor compressor has a fan in it. If the fan of the compressor gets misaligned, it’ll start to produce abnormal sound and will make your system noisy.

To prevent these issues from happening, you’ll have to do regular system maintenance checkups. As soon as you notice any sign of noisy AC, you should call your nearby HVAC professional and take help from them.

4.    Compressor Failure Making You Ask “Why is My AC So Loud?”

Hissing Noise Coming from Outside

If you notice this sign, there is a high chance your compressor has a problem. If your AC is more than 10 years old, the chances of hearing noise from your AC will go higher.

As it is the heart of an AC, when you hear the screeching sound from your HVAC system, you should ask for help from an HVAC professional as soon as possible. A little delay in repairing can cause your big bucks.

Noise Producing from Inside

If you wonder why your air conditioner so loud, there may be a problem with your blower motor. The main function of the blower motor is to circulate air through our HVAC. But blower motor is very prone to repairs and if your HVAC is more than 10 years, chances are there may be wear and tear in your blower motor.

As soon as notice this type of noise from your HVAC system, stop wondering why your air conditioner so loud and call your nearby HVAC professional.

5.    Electrical Problems Making Your Air Conditioner So Loud

If you notice buzzing noise from your HVAC system, there could be a problem with your electrical wire. Besides, this could lead to frequent circuit breaker tripping, and as a result, you could notice buzzing noise.


Why Is My AC So Loud When It Turns On?

If you notice noise when your AC is on, your outside part could be the main reason behind it.


What Can Be Done to Prevent Loud AC?

There is no alternative to preventive HVAC maintenance checkups. You should do at least one maintenance checkup annually to prevent this issue.


See the summary of this content here – 5 Reasons Why Your Central AC Is So Loud? [Infographic]


5 Reasons Why Your Central AC Is So Loud
5 Reasons Why Your Central AC Is So Loud


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