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Once summer is over and the first chilly breezes of winter starts, you might want to start up your heater again, after several months of it being sent on vacation. However, given the fact that it has been off for a while, turning it on without any prior checkups might be a bad idea. Moreover, with the passage of time, the heater may have degraded a bit, and you might be in need of a replacement. Let’s get into what you should be before turning your heater on, once summer is over and whether or not you need to replace your older unit.


Relight your Pilot Light – Get an AC Repair professional to do it for you

Because your heating system has been off for quite a while, there is a chance the pilot light has gone off. Therefore, you should go ahead and relight it again to ensure the proper operation of your HVAC’s heating system. If your pilot light is in a hard to reach area or you simply do not know how to go about relighting it, consider hiring air conditioning units maintenance & repair professionals to come and help you out. It is recommended that you opt for AC services & repair experts, as they will be able to relight the pilot light without introducing additional problems that you might end up causing on your own.


Clean and replace air filters – Consider air duct cleaning as well

Cleaning dirty filters or replacing them altogether is the best way to go about keeping your system in high operational efficiency. Over time, your filters get dirty, and they start to restrict airflow. Therefore, getting AC maintenance & repair professionals to give them a thorough should serve you well in the end and in getting your system ready for the warmer winter months. Furthermore, complete air filter replacement is the perfect option if your older filters are not up to the mark or have degraded significantly to the point that their filtration capabilities are ineffective in keeping the air circulating in your home dust and mold spore free.

If you do not clean out your filters every few months, you will eventually end up with molds in duct. This is highly undesirable because once the mold gets into your ductwork it requires extensive mold removal to get rid of it.

Air duct cleaning is another thing you should consider before firing up your heater for the winter. Over the summer months, it may have collected dust, and due to the condensation from the central ac unit, it might have brought in some mold spores too.

In cases where air duct cleaning is not enough, and you are dealing with physical damage to your air ducts, you will need to consider the expensive options, which is air duct replacement. Despite being an undesirable choice, it is the best way to ensure that your current heating system can deliver well-heated air to your rooms evenly throughout the winter. Furthermore, getting new ductwork can also improve overall air quality. Finally, with newer ductwork, you can expect to get a boost in performance as well which will result in lower energy bills, due to the absence of any leaks or other physical problems which would otherwise hinder the airflow and make the heater work harder to get air to parts of your home.

Before any duct replacement, consult with your AC services & repair expert, work out the air duct cleaning cost, and verify whether it will be enough. Often, a total replacement of ductwork is an expensive and difficult procedure, so it is best if you are aware of the damage to your air ducts before considering any replacement. Chances are your central air conditioner will work just fine with the current ductwork in place after a spot of cleaning.


AC maintenance & repair – restore your heating system to its former glory

After months of sitting idle, your heating and cooling system might require some extensive air conditioning service to perform as it once used to. You can hire some of the best air conditioning repair experts to come and take care of your HVAC system in addition to the maintenance work done on the ducts and airways.

One of the most common problems entails cold air blowing through vents despite the heater being turned on. In these cases, your HVAC installation specialist might recommend one of the following:

  • Replace your thermostat with a modern one. Often, cold air is a result of the thermostat malfunctioning.
  • Replace your air filters or clean them out.
  • The ignition mechanism in the gas furnace has been damaged and needs to be replaced or repaired.
  • The condensate drain lines are clogged and will require a thorough cleaning.


Heater Replacement – Your solution for an efficient heating system without HVAC replacement

In some cases, you will find that your heating and air conditioning system needs replacement after months of staying idle. This is often the result of poor maintenance or other external factors. However, the issues can be quickly solved by looking at replacement options for the heater instead of getting a full-on expensive AC Replacement.

There are several things to consider when you are looking at modern Gas Furnaces, and there are several attributes, which make them great for replacing your current system. In most cases, you will want a gas furnace with efficient motors, proper heating capabilities, high fuel efficiency, and other design choices, which make the gas furnace highly durable and long lasting. You can find many of these important features in Trane systems, as they build their HVAC systems with a lot of case. Similarly, you can expect the same high level of quality from Carrier systems as well, all of which provide excellent heating options for your home.

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