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Like most electrical appliances, air-conditioners also have an approximate lifespan for which they work just fine. As soon your air conditioner starts going through major repairs, it’s time to get a new one for your home.

A faulty air conditioner will be inefficient and take a lot of time to heat or cool your home. Hence, you’re wasting energy and undoubtedly paying more money on electricity bills. It’s true that some things become more efficient with time, but it’s not true for your air-conditioner. If an HVAC system works without failing for 10-15 years, it’s about time for you to give up on it. So, before you get in trouble with a crippled electrical appliance, it’s better to consider getting a new one.


4 Advantages of getting a new air conditioner

Over time, a lot of new features have been added to air-conditioners that were beyond imagination in old times. The following are a few points, discussing the advantages of buying a new HVAC unit

1.       Advanced thermostats

This type of thermostats will let you monitor the temperature of your home from any smart phone or android device. You can set the desired temperature and when you get home, it will automatically switch on to provide you with a comfortable environment. Air conditioners of the latest model include these superb features for your convenience.

2.       Adjustable compressor settings

Modernized air conditioning units have adjustable air speed settings that can be regulated to reach a temperature that is most suitable to your home. These compressors come with a variety of shifting features and reach highest levels of efficiency, reducing your utility bills by the end of the month.

3.       Eco-friendly refrigerants

Latest air conditioners consist of R410A refrigerant. These are less harmful to the environment, when compared to the older R22 refrigerant. R410A refrigerant is capable of consuming and giving out more heat, preventing the compressor from being excessively heated. With the R22 refrigerant, there have been many reports of system damage and fire, due to the emission of chlorine. So, the government stopped the supply of this specific type and commanded the standard type to be R410A.

4.       Purified Air-conditioning

By the grace of modern technology, air conditioning is much safer than it used to be about 20 years ago. Ductless air conditioners prevent dirt and bacteria from entering your home, ensuring dirt-free air. The modern air conditioner filters any dirt present in the air and conditions it, blowing out fresh air for you to breathe in.

See the summary in this Infographic – Why Should You Replace Air Conditioner Instead Of Repairing? [Infographic]

Why Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner Instead Of Repairing

Why Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner Instead Of Repairing

You must have seen that the older version of HVAC makes a lot of noise. The latest models have noise-reduction compressors and are very much user-friendly. The new air-conditioners are also much affordable than the one you bought 20 years back. The outdoor units are compact and will take up very less space. So you have the option to install it anywhere. The new technology air-conditioner might need some servicing once a year, just to keep the filters clean. But the older HVAC systems need servicing at least four times a year. The charges for servicing might double even for minor repairs. The latest models provide warranty, and exchange policy within a period of time.

With so many options in the market, it’s a tough decision to make, keeping in mind the comfort of your home. It’s best to get in touch with HVAC experts or companies that provide such services. An expert will be able to give suggestions about your old HVAC system or help you buy a new one. The right size and type of air conditioner is very important for proper functioning. In the end, it’s always your individual choice, whether you want your old air- conditioner or buy a new one.


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