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When your retail store has a comfortable and inviting feel, people will stay at your shop and buy things more, which means more revenue. But when your store has a humidity problem or uncomfortable temperature, shoppers won’t like to stay at your store. This will eventually impact your yearly revenue and business growth.

Unfortunately, many people think that HVAC maintenance is only required for vegetable or food shops. But it isn’t true at all. If you’re selling clothes, furniture, or technological items, you’ll need proper heating and cooling too, and for that, you’ll need regular HVAC maintenance checkups.

For example, when there is high humidity, it’ll lower the quality of the apparel and electrical items such as stereos, monitors, etc. Again, when there are molds in a store, it’ll damage the furniture and produce a bad smell.


Impact of Poorly Maintained HVAC System in Retail Stores

1.   Frequent Breakdowns

As you’ll be using your HVAC unit every day in your retail store, your HVAC unit will have to bear heavy loads. As a result, your unit will have more stress and strain, which will eventually lead to more damages to your HVAC parts. If you don’t repair the HVAC parts timely, your whole heating and cooling unit will start to function poorly, and it’ll have frequent breakdowns.

When your unit stops functioning, it’ll hamper the overall comfort of your customers and employees. Besides, repairing a system breakdown requires a lot of money compared to regular HVAC maintenance. All these will eventually impact your store’s yearly revenue and growth. That’s why if you don’t want to face an HVAC system breakdown, you should do HVAC maintenance checkups at least twice a year.

2.   Bad Odors

If your retail store has a foul odor, trust me, no customer will like to visit your store, and you’ll prompt premature customer exit, which is definitely not an ideal scenario for a business.

HVAC systems play a crucial role in moving the air from one place to another, and when this process is hampered, air will remain in one place for a long time and cause a bad odor problem. If your store has a poorly designed ventilation system, air won’t be able to get in and out from your retail store, which will cause a foul odor problem.

Again, due to a lack of HVAC maintenance checkups, molds and bacteria can grow inside the air ducts of your heating and cooling unit. And when it does, it’ll cause an odor problem. Besides, when there are molds in the air ducts, it’ll spread diseases in your store and make your employees and customers sick.

If you don’t want to face this problem, you’ll have to ensure that you’re cleaning the air ducts regularly. Besides, call a professional heating and cooling expert to check the ventilation of your retail store. If the professional finds any faults in the HVAC ventilation design, you’ll have to change it as soon as possible.

3.   Excess Moisture

The main function of a cooling unit is to remove moisture or water from the air and cool the space. But due to a lack of air conditioner maintenance checkup, AC units start to perform poorly. As a result, the cooling unit loses its ability to remove moisture from the air. But as I mentioned earlier, high humid conditions aren’t suitable for retail stores, especially selling clothes and electrical items.

When there is high humidity in a store, it can degrade the quality of apparel. Besides, some electrical items such as stereos, internal condensation, etc., require certain moisture or humidity level to function properly. And when it isn’t met, they start to lose its functionality.

Again, when there is high humidity in a store, customers will start to feel warm and uncomfortable, which will lead to early customer exit. But as a business owner, you would want your customer to stay as long as possible in your retail store.

To make sure that your retail store doesn’t have this problem, you’ll have to do AC maintenance checkup yearly. If you’re using an air conditioner unit as the primary cooling unit, it’s recommended to do two annual maintenance checkups. But if you’re using a heat pump along with your AC unit, one annual maintenance checkup will be enough.


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See the summary of this content in this infographic – Impact of Poorly Maintained Retail Store HVAC System [Infographic]


Impact of Poorly Maintained Retail Store HVAC System
Impact of Poorly Maintained Retail Store HVAC System


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