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A heat pump can be very handy in winter. It pulls the hot air from outside to the inside of your house, and you feel warm in those chilly weather. In Dallas, during winter, sometimes you may have to use the heat pump for your comfort when the weather becomes freezing cold. The weather condition of Dallas is a bit different from other states of the US, and when you want to buy a heat pump for your home in Dallas, you’ll have to consider the condition of the weather and few other factors. These factors are crucial for homeowners of Dallas when it comes to buying a heat pump. If you consider these factors while buying a heat pump for your home, you can save a lot of money, and you can get the maximum comfort in extreme weather. In this article, I’ll talk about these factors that you need to consider while buying a heat pump in Dallas.


3 Factors to Consider While Buying a Heat Pump in Dallas

1. Weather in Dallas

Generally, heat pumps work efficiently and provide heat without hindrance in almost every part of the US. However, the weather in Dallas is a bit extreme. The weather gets extreme in summer and mild cold in winter. For this reason, it’s better to buy an auxiliary heating system for your home in Dallas.

The auxiliary heating system is a heating system that works when the inside temperature drops 2 or 3 degrees Fahrenheit from the set temperature. A heat pump has two units; one is placed at the outside of the home another one is placed inside of your home or auxiliary system. During winter mornings, when the outside temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the outdoor unit becomes cold and takes a long time to heat up the indoor air. But when you have an auxiliary heat pump, it forces the outdoor unit to heat up indoor air. As a result, you get the desired heating in those chilled mornings. The main purpose of an auxiliary heating system is to quickly warm up the inside air and give you desired heating.

During winter, the temperature in Dallas drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of that, if you don’t have an auxiliary heating system, you’ll feel cold in the morning, and your sleep can get hampered. So, it’s recommended that you should install an auxiliary heating system in your home to get the desired heating in those chilled weather.

2. The efficiency of the Heat Pump

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which is a cooling efficiency measuring way for air-source and ductless split HVAC systems. The value of SEER is different in every state. It can be categorized into two parts. If you live in the Midwest, Northeast, Pacific Northwest, and Mountain states, minimum SEER is 13. But for the rest of the areas, this SEER is a minimum of 14. As Dallas is in the southern parts of the US, a minimum 14 SEER is preferred. So, when you’re buying a heat pump for your home in Dallas, always check the SEER value of the heat pump and check whether it’s more than 14 or not. The higher the SEER value is, the more energy-efficient your heat pump will be, and you’ll be able to more save money thanks to the 14 and up SEER efficiency.

Again, there’s another rating system which is called HSPF. The minimum HSPF rating is 7.7, regardless of the states. Here HSPF stands for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. So, before buying a heat pump, you’ll have to consider these ratings.

3. Fuel Source

The fuel source is an important factor to consider regardless of your state and location. There are different types of heat pumps, depending on the source of the fuel. These are gas, electric, and oil heat pump. If you’re looking for the most economical solution to heat your house, an electric heat pump can be the solution for you. An electric heat pump uses less electricity and transfers heat from one air stream to another air stream. The other benefit of the electric heat pump is that it can be used as an HVAC system in the summer as it can produce cold air.


See the summary of this content here in the infographic – 3 Factors To Consider When Buying a Heat Pump in Dallas [Infographic]


3 Factors To Consider When Buying a Heat Pump in Dallas
3 Factors To Consider When Buying a Heat Pump in Dallas


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