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HVAC systems play a vital role in commercial settings to keep the indoor temperatures cool while keeping hot air outside. To facilitate this, air handlers play a vital role in the commercial HVAC system to preserve a comfortable environment inside the premises.

An air handler carries out several important roles as part of the commercial HVAC system in your office.

Heating and Cooling

The air handler is responsible for taking in air from outside the building, conditioning it, ready for distribution. This is done through the use of heat exchanger coils, which allows the air handler to perform heating and cooling functions on the air while distributing it.


There are components installed in air handlers which allow the system to effectively dehumidify the air, thereby making the air comfortable. In cooler climates where the air needs to be heated, humidifying components in the air handlers prevent the air from getting too dry from repeated conditioning processes. This helps regulate the air quality with great precision and ensures the comfort of all inhabitants in the building.


Through the use of various filters in the commercial air handler, occupants of the building are less likely to feel discomfort, and further, avoid exposure to potentially viral bacteria or dust particles which will cause allergies to act up. Some of the different filters used for this purpose include panel filters, HEPA filters, and electrostatic filters. Each filter proceeds to perform a different function and further prevent harmful air particles from circulating through the air.


Air handlers are connected to a network of air ducts which enable the efficient distribution of air throughout the building.


The Basic Functionality of a Commercial HVAC System

To highlight the importance of the air handling unit in a commercial central ac system, it’s important to understand the working principle of the system itself.

Commercial HVAC solutions use commercial chillers, these include evaporators and condensers. Today, we’ll be paying special attention to the condensers as we are interested in understanding how the entire building is cooled. Chilled water exists the chiller through pipes feeding into the air handling units, where the air is cooled. The temperature of the water supplied by the chiller sits at around 43 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other end of the spectrum, warm water from the condenser is sent to the cooling towers on the roof of the building.

The towers are equipped with fans that draw in surrounding air, which comes in direct contact with the spray of warm water coming in from the condenser down below. This allows the water to transfer heat to the air, which is then blown away, and replaced with cooler air letting the cycle keep repeating. From there, the water goes back down to the condenser to once again capture more heat, and get pumped back up again.


Maintenance of Air Handlers in Commercial HVAC Systems

The air handler unit in your commercial HVAC solution serves a vital role by ensuring proper filtration, efficient distribution and comfort control over the air circulated the building. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure strict and driven maintenance runs regularly.

These large air handlers need to be kept under close watch to ensure that airflow is not interrupted and you have the best AC maintenance & repair team at hand to administer and system-related issues, be it with the air delivery or regular air duct cleaning and maintenance. Preventing clogs and ensuring efficient airflow is imperative to allow the system to operate at an optimal level.

Commercial air handlers are responsible for maintaining the air quality circulating in the building, therefore, preventing allergy attacks and employees from experiencing asthma is a vital component of the management and cleaning of the air handlers through qualified personnel.


Closing thoughts

Commercial HVAC systems operate on a simple principle and the air handlers associated with the distribution of filtered, clean and cool air are vital in its operation. Therefore, proper knowledge about the air handler and its system are imperative in maintaining a healthy system to last for many years without failing.


See the summary of this content here in the infographic – Roles Of Air Handler In HVAC System [Infographic]


Roles Of Air Handler In HVAC System
Roles Of Air Handler In HVAC System


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