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Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, many homeowners are concerned about their HVAC system and how to maintain or operate their HVAC system. This is a good sign for all of us because it shows how concerned we are about our wellbeing and health. However, as the virus is spreading so fast and changing its nature continuously, we don’t have much sufficient data about the nature of the virus, and scientists are still researching its nature, and how it spreads. Fortunately, scientists haven’t found any evidence that tells about the virus spreading through HVAC air ducts or other parts of it. However, as the virus is new to us, we shouldn’t take any risk about our health and should take all the precautions.

In this article, I will answer some FAQs related to HVAC and COVID-19.


4 FAQs about HVAC System and COVID-19

1.   Should We Add a Higher Efficiency Air Filters in the HVAC System?

High-efficiency air filters can block small particles from entering your home. That’s why some homeowners are thinking of installing a higher efficiency HVAC air filters in their HVAC system. But before installing a higher efficiency HVAC air filter in your HVAC system, you’ll have to consider a few things. First of all, when you install a high-efficiency air filter in your HVAC system, it’ll have a dense layer on its body to block the small particles. As a result, there will be less air penetration. So, if you’ve already air penetration problems in your house, you’ll have to think twice about this. Secondly, your HVAC system will have to run longer as your HVAC system will require more time to reach the desired temperature. This can be a big problem for those homeowners who are struggling with their cooling bills. Finally, you’ll have to change the high-efficiency air filter quite often as it blocks more dust and debris than a regular air filter. For this, you’ll have to go out more often in order to buy a new air filter. But in this situation, it’s better to stay at home as much as possible.

Besides these three factors, you’ll have to consider to cost of a high-efficiency air filter as it’s expensive than a regular air filter. Also, scientists haven’t found any proof that the virus is airborne. Considering all these factors, it’s wise to say that alone a high-efficiency air filter cannot stop the virus. However, if you still want to add a high-efficiency air filter in your HVAC system, you should discuss it with an HVAC professional.

2.   Is Ultraviolet Technology Effective in Fighting the Coronavirus?

Ultraviolet or UV technology is proven to kill most of the viruses and bacteria that can enter your house. However, there’s no proven study that ultraviolet technology will kill the Coronavirus. Besides, you’ll have to consider the installation cost of installing UV technology in your HVAC system. There’s no guarantee that the ultraviolet or UV technology will kill the Coronavirus.

3.   Can the Coronavirus Transmit Through the Air Ducts of the HVAC System?

As I mentioned earlier there’s no proven study that shows Coronavirus is airborne. However, it requires more research to reach a decision about the airborne nature of the virus. But for now, the virus cannot transmit through the air ducts of your HVAC system.

4.   Should I Clean My HVAC Often to Fight the Virus?

Health professionals around the world and organizations like WHO and CDC have emphasized on cleaning your hands regularly to protect you from the virus. So, it’s normal that some homeowners will think cleaning their HVAC system regularly will protect them from the virus. This is partially true as we still don’t have sufficient data and information on this topic. However, if you clean the condenser coil, air ducts of your HVAC system regularly, you’ll get clean air, and maybe protect yourself from the virus – there’s nothing to lose cleaning your HVAC system, is what I wanted to say.



These are the most common questions asked by the homeowners and it’s understandable that you’re concerned about your health in this difficult time. The best way to fight this virus is to wash our hands regularly, and use masks when we go out. However, you can install new HVAC Technologies in your HVAC system in order to have clean air inside your home.


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FAQs About HVAC System & COVID-19
FAQs About HVAC System & COVID-19


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