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Fall is the time when plants and trees become dormant, leaves start to fall from trees, and the weather starts to get a bit colder. What a beautiful weather to spend your leisure, right? But wait, have you done your fall HVAC maintenance checkup? If you want your family members to be comfortable and the heating and cooling system in good shape, fall is the right time to deal with the HVAC maintenance checklists. In this article, I’ll talk about a few fall HVAC maintenance checklist that you can use to talk with your nearby HVAC professional.


Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Checklist 1: Air Conditioner

You may be wondering why you’ll have to do air conditioner maintenance when you won’t be using the air conditioner for a few months. If you don’t do air conditioner maintenance now, it’ll be the main reason for your headache when you start up your air conditioner again. Besides, due to a lack of maintenance, your air conditioner won’t be in good condition. As a result, you’ll require heavy HVAC repairs, and HVAC repairs don’t come cheap. That’s why you shouldn’t neglect the AC maintenance in the fall.

When you call an HVAC professional to do air conditioner maintenance, you’ll have to give some instructions. For example, you’ll have to tell your HVAC professional to clean the coils of your air conditioner. If your air conditioner’s coils are dirty, it can become the reason behind air conditioner efficiency loss. Besides, it can create corrosion in the air conditioner. That’s why it’s important to instruct your HVAC professional to clean the coils of your air conditioner.

Apart from cleaning the coils, you’ll have to tell your HVAC professional to check the ducts of your AC. During summer, humidity starts to accumulate in the ducts of the air conditioner. But high humid places are ideal for molds and biological contaminants to grow. If you let them grow, you’ll become sick and can have diseases like the Sick Building Syndrome.

Also, don’t forget to tell the HVAC professional to check the refrigerant of your air conditioner. If your air conditioner’s refrigerant is low, it means that there is a leak in the air conditioner.

Checklist 2: Heating System

When you have a heating system, you’re not only in charge of the comfort of your family members but also their security. If you ignore the heating maintenance, you’ll be putting everyone at risk. That’s why follow these checklists to keep your dear ones safe and warm.

1.      Replace the Belts and Pulleys

Belts and pulleys control the motor and blower of the heating system. If your heating system is a bit older, there is a high chance that your heating system’s belts and pulley are worn. If you don’t change them, it’ll hamper the overall heating system, and you’ll find yourself freezing in the cold night. That’s why during the fall maintenance checkup, you should tell your HVAC professional to check the belts and pulleys of your heating system thoroughly.

2.      Check the Air Filters

HVAC air filters block all sorts of dust and debris from entering your home. When it is dirty, there is a high chance that the contaminants will enter your home and make you sick. That’s why it’s important to change your HVAC air filters regularly, especially when you’re using the same HVAC air filter for both air conditioning and heating.

Again, while changing your HVAC air filter, ask your HVAC professional about how frequently you should replace the air filters. Generally, the ideal time of changing an HVAC air filter is between 60 to 90 days. But it can vary on the location you live and the usage of the HVAC system. Also, learn how to replace DIY HVAC air filters.

3.      Check the Duct Insulation of the Heating System

If you have an old heating system, there is a high chance that there are leaks in your heating system’s ducts. When there are leaks in the ducts, hot air will leak through the holes, and as a result, there will be system loss. Due to air leakage, your heating system will have to work harder, and eventually, you’ll have higher heating bills.

4.      Check Electrical Wiring & Parts

While fall HVAC maintenance checkup, check the wires of your heating system. A little failure in the electrode or electrical parts can shut down your whole heating system.


See the article in an infographic here – Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist [Infographic]

Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist
Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist

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