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In the last few years, office culture has changed drastically. Both employees and owners want more free space in their workplace. If you compare an old office space with modern office space, you’ll notice a drastic change in the office design. This change has also impacted the HVAC design strategies. Offices these days want to use natural light more and minimize pressure on the HVAC system. If you don’t think early about the HVAC design strategy for your office space, you’ll have to suffer in the future and spend a huge amount of money to redesign your whole HVAC system.

In this article, I’ll talk about few Commercial HVAC strategies that you can implement in your office space.


4 Commercial HVAC Design Strategies for Offices

1.    Use Sensor Technology

There’re a number of sensors in the market that can make your HVAC system more efficient. For example, if you integrate a light sensor with your HVAC system, your HVAC system will automatically read the light present in your home and adjust the heating and cooling automatically. As a result, you can save money on heating and cooling bills.

Again, if you integrate an occupancy sensor in your HVAC system then your HVAC system will be able to detect humans in a room and produce heating and cooling accordingly. It’s a common problem in office spaces that an air conditioner or HVAC system runs even when there’s no one in a room. As a result, your heating and cooling bill increases. But with an occupancy sensor, you can decrease the heating and cooling bill drastically.

2.    Integrate Daylight in HVAC Design

HVAC systems consume more electricity than any other electrical components in a home or office space. That’s why it’s important to design your HVAC system in a way that it consumes less energy and give maximum comfort. Many office owners use insulated walls or floors to make the best of the HVAC system. This is an efficient technique, but you can also use daylight to reduce the total energy cost.

By integrating daylight in the HVAC system design, you can increase the overall comfort of your office.

Nowadays, more and more offices are utilizing daylight to reduce the heating cost in winter. However, you can use low e-glass to avoid solar gain in summer.

You can integrate the lighting system with the HVAC system also. With this technology, your HVAC system will turn off when there is sufficient light in the room. This will reduce heat waste and save you money.

3.    Install a Right Sized HVAC System

It’s a common misconception among many homeowners and office owners that bigger is always better. But this is absolutely wrong for HVAC systems. When you buy an oversized HVAC system for your office space, it’ll frequently turn on and off. As a result, your air conditioner or HVAC system will start having a short-cycling problem. Besides, your HVAC system will have more wear and tear. At the end of the month, you’ll see a sharp rise in your heating and cooling bills.

That’s why it’s important to install a right-sized air conditioner or furnace in your office space. If you’re not an HVAC expert then you should contact an HVAC professional. He or she will suggest the right-sized air conditioner or furnace for your office space. While calculating, always consider the daylight and other factors.

4.    Ensure Ventilation

When it comes to HVAC system design, it’s not only about the air conditioner or furnace. You’ll have to consider ventilation too. With proper ventilation, you can increase the overall comfort as it controls humidity and eliminates odor from your space.

As I mentioned earlier, more and more businesses are moving to open space offices. That’s why the importance of proper ventilation is more than ever.

One of the biggest benefits of proper ventilation is that it ensures the proper air distribution throughout the office space. As a result, your employees won’t feel that they’re in a confined space.

You should contact an HVAC professional to design ventilation in your office space. While choosing an HVAC professional, make sure that the HVAC professional has an HVAC license. It’s important to check because you will need an expert opinion while designing your office’s ventilation system.


See the summary of this content here in this infographic – 4 Commercial HVAC Design Strategies [Infographic]


Commercial HVAC Design Strategies for Office Spaces
Commercial HVAC Design Strategies for Office Spaces


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