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A sunroom adds value to any house. It can be used as both entertainment and relaxation purposes. However, you can spend your weekend in a sunroom and relax only if you can set the temperature of the sunroom perfectly. If you live in a place where the temperature is hot and humid in summer and extreme cold in winter, without any heating and cooling system, your beautiful sunroom will be unusable for half of the year. So, it is important to control the temperature and humidity in your sunroom to enjoy your sunroom all year-round. You have so many options to choose from when it comes to your sunroom air conditioning and heating system. But it depends on the sunroom type, size, location, etc. Here, we will discuss some of the best heating and cooling system for your new sunroom –


Top 5 Heating and Cooling System for your Sunroom

1.   Ductless Mini-Split

A ductless mini-split is a white heat box with two units; one is an indoor unit and another is an outdoor or condensing unit. A ductless mini-split can be used as a central heating and cooling system. It provides both heating and cooling for your sunroom. A mini-split is flexible and small in size. It provides a different shape and color. Even you can use it as a painting in your sunroom. Also, a mini-split is energy efficient and easy to install.


2.   Overhead Fan

Overhead fans are a great option for cathedral sunrooms. When the temperature is a little bit hot outside, you can completely depend on your overhead fan. These overhead fans are suitable for the sunrooms which have ceilings of 8 feet or more. Before buying an overhead fan, you should look for fans that have an energy-efficient label on it. An energy-efficient fan can save up to 8-10% overall electricity bill. However, its price may be a bit higher, but it will compensate by saving your money on energy bills. Also, an energy-efficient fan works 20-25% more efficiently than a regular overhead fan.


3.   Mobile Heating and Cooling Units

One of the biggest advantages of using portable heating and cooling units is that they are cheap and very easy to install. They can also be used as both heating and cooling your sunroom. Moreover, it adds aesthetic to your sunroom. But there are some disadvantages as well. Many of the portable heating and cooling units are big in size and takes a lot of space. Sometimes it is difficult to adjust the temperature. You should consider all your requirements before buying a mobile or portable heating and cooling system for your sunroom.


4.   Expanded HVAC Vents

This option is a little bit expensive but far more effective. In this option, you expand your home HVAC system to your sunroom and it is worthy. It has benefits like you don’t have to set the temperature of your heating and air conditioning unit whenever you enter the sunroom. Your sunroom temperature will be the same as your home’s temperature. Besides, you don’t have to worry about extra electric bills and you can enjoy the smart technology in your sunroom if your home HVAC system has a programmable thermostat.


5.   Space Heater

If you want your sunroom a bit warmer or you live in a chilly place, a space heater will be the best option for you. A space heater can be the alternative to a larger heating unit. But it has some disadvantages. It is connected with your home HVAC system and that’s why you need to turn it manually and it will need some to do so. But a space heater is very efficient, cost-effective and, very easy to use.


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5 Types of Heating and Cooling System for Sunroom
5 Types of Heating and Cooling System for Sunroom

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