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For homeowners who are looking for energy-efficient heating system, heat pumps are a good option. However, people are often misguided by the dozens of myths floating around on the internet. [Spoiler – not all of them are true. To debunk the myths and misconception, we have prepared today’s report. Here are 5 common myths about heat pumps (or misconceptions, whatever you want to call them.) –


5 Common Myths About Heat Pumps

5 Most Common Misconceptions Regarding Heat Pumps by Rifat

1.      Heat Pumps cut a hole in your wallet

When we think of heating and air conditioning system, we think of the energy bills we will be paying for the rest of our lives. And if the HVAC system that you installed is not cost-effective, It is going to cut a hole your wallet for sure. However, heat pumps are not such a heating system. They are cost-effective and arguably save around 30% of your energy bills.

Even though the upfront cost of heat pumps is more than the traditional HVAC system, the extra cost is worth the long-time save in energy bills.


2.      Heat Pumps only offer heating

This is the most annoying and common misconception about heat pumps.

NO, a heat pump doesn’t only offer heating, contrary to what most people think. Heat pumps have mechanical-compression refrigeration system. This offer both heating and cooling. So only one HVAC system is enough to offer heating or air conditioning throughout the year, summer or winter.


3.      Heat Pumps make a lot of noise

People think that if you have a heat pump in your home, you are bound to put on noise-canceling headphones over your ears. But that’s not true.

If your heat pump or any HVAC equipment is installed by professional HVAC experts, It won’t make any much noise. However, DIY installation or newbie work can always lead to a noisy HVAC system whether it is a heat pump or gas furnace.


4.      Heat Pumps don’t last long

Remember told you that a heat pump can be used throughout the year – for both heating and air conditioning. Well, people think the heat pumps typically don’t last long since they are running all year long. But that cannot be further from the truth.

Any HVAC equipment, namely heat pump can last years if you take proper care. Remember, proper maintenance, services and repair is the key for any AC or HVAC equipment’s longevity. Just make sure the AC repair and services are done by complete professionals who understand the system and worked for years in this field.


5.      Heat Pumps can’t work at low temperature

Since heat pumps are mostly connected to the heating part of HVAC, people think they are not a good option for low temperature. But this is not true. Modern-day heat pumps are capable of functioning even in the toughest weather.

HVAC components from Goodman, Trane and other renowned HVAC companies (especially the heat pumps) can work even in the Zero Degrees Fahrenheit temperature which many homeowners don’t realize.


Done, reading? You can see the summary in this infographic – 5 Most Common Misconceptions Regarding Heat Pumps [Infographic]

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