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It’s still hot and humid in Dallas. But why your office space feels like a cold meat locker? Cold office space is a common problem in most offices and unfortunately, often time, this issue is neglected. If you want to improve cold office space and ensure smooth business operation, you should never ignore this problem and do necessary HVAC changes.

When your office space feels like a meat locker, the productivity of your office’s employees will drop drastically. They will feel uncomfortable and start to make mistakes, which will affect your business badly.

Besides, when you have such cold conditions in your office area, your employees will become sick. Your office space will be the breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms. Moreover, if your business relies on repeat customers, there is a high possibility that you’ll lose customers in such conditions.


4 Tips to Improve Cold Office Space

1.   Get Your Cooling System Inspected by a Professional

There are several HVAC issues that can make your air conditioning unit run constantly. When these issues occur, your cooling unit will operate even after reaching your set AC thermostat temperature. As a result, your office space will start to feel like a fridge. Some of these AC issues are – clogged AC air filter, evaporator coil frozen problem, malfunctioning AC controlling, wrong sized air conditioning unit, AC refrigerant leaks, etc.

If your cooling system has these issues, you’ll face other problems like higher energy bills, frequent AC repairs, poor indoor air quality, etc. As soon as you face these issues, you should call your nearby cooling expert and inspect your cooling system. After the AC inspection, if the HVAC professional finds any fault in your cooling system, you must repair or replace them.

2.   Check the AC Air Ducts

Your office space can be frigid when you have a faulty ventilation system, like leaks in the air ducts. Besides, if you haven’t performed air duct cleaning recently, dust and rodents can accumulate inside the air ducts and block the AC airflow, which can cause a cold office space problem. Apart from this, if the air ducts aren’t installed correctly, you can have cold office space too.

As air ducts are usually hidden, sometimes it gets difficult to identify this mentioned issue. However, if you’re currently having an indoor air quality problem or your employees are suddenly having nausea or headaches in your office, there is a high possibility that the air ducts are clogged with various microparticles. Apart from the cold office problem, if you’re having higher energy consumption issues, it can be because of leaks in the air ducts.

If you face higher energy bills and poor indoor air quality at the same time, you must call an air duct cleaning and inspect the air ducts. And if there are molds or leaks in the air ducts, you should clean or replace them as soon as possible.

3.   Establish Cooling Zones

When you have a large office space, but the temperature is controlled as a single zone, it can feel chilly indoors. For example, if you install your thermostat near the office window, it’s evident that the thermostat will read higher temperature and cool your space accordingly. As a result, other parts of your office space will become colder.

To solve this zoning issue, you’ll have to establish different cooling zones in your office area. And for this, you’ll have to consult with a professional cooling technician. An experienced HVAC technician can tell the exact place where the zoning needs to be placed.

4.   Rethink about Your Office’s HVAC Design

If you have recently changed the layout of your office space without updating the HVAC design, you can have cold office space. Again, when you shift your office without redesigning the HVAC ventilation, you can also have this cold office problem. In this case, you must consult an HVAC professional and redesign your space’s ventilation system. With professional HVAC redesigning, your cooling unit will become more efficient and provide more comfort.



Apart from the aforementioned HVAC tips, remember to never neglect regular AC maintenance. It’s found that offices that neglect AC repair and maintenance have issues like poor IAQ, higher energy bills, cold office space, uneven cooling, etc. For best HVAC service and maintenance, contact Green Leaf Air.


See the summary infographic here – 4 Tips to Improve Cold Office Space [Infographic]

4 Tips to Improve Cold Office Space
4 Tips to Improve Cold Office Space
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