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It’s important to have a good office environment for higher productivity. Many owners are shifting to open offices to attract new talents in their business. But when you’ve got a noisy HVAC system, you won’t be able to reach your goals of having a good office environment and culture. At the end of the day, none wants to work in a noisy environment.

At first, you’ll have to check whether your HVAC system is making noise because of malfunction or not. If the HVAC system is alright and all the parts of your heating and cooling are in good condition, the HVAC noise is coming out because of poor design.

Here are a few ways you can reduce HVAC noise in your office for a better work environment.


3 Ways to Reduce HVAC Noise in Your Office

1.    Buy an HVAC System with VRF Technology

The main reason why your air conditioner is making noise is that it’s oversized or old. When you buy an oversized HVAC system for your office, it frequently turns on and off. As a result, when your HVAC system turns on, it runs at a full blow and makes the sound. Also, when you’ve got an old HVAC system, the parts of the HVAC system makes a sound while running. That’s why you should buy an HVAC system that make “less” to “no” noise. You can replace your old HVAC system with the new HVAC system that has VRF technology in it.

VRF stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow. VRF system runs at different speeds according to the conditions as it has many air handlers.

The VRF technology runs at a low capacity, and because of that, it doesn’t make any noise. It also offers both heating and cooling, and if you want to have futuristic experience in your office, the VRF technology is the best solution for you. You can control the HVAC system with your smartphone, tablet computers, etc.

So, if you want a noise-free HVAC system, buy a new HVAC system that has VRF technology in it. VRF technology will also help you to save money.

2.    Put the Fans and the Air Handlers in the Right Spots

If you’ve recently shifted your office or redesigned the office and didn’t relocate the fans and the air handlers, you’ll hear noise coming out of your HVAC system. Also, because of this, you’ll notice hot and cold zones in your office. As a result, the workplace environment will become unpleasant, and the productivity level may go down.

This problem can happen when you buy a new HVAC system for your office and don’t locate the ducts and other parts in the right spot. Also, if your building contractor didn’t contact an HVAC designer and located the parts of your HVAC system in the wrong spot, you might hear unexpected noise that will hamper your workplace environment. To get rid of this, you should tell your building contractor to contact an HVAC designer to put everything in the right place.

3.    Take help of Sound Boots

You can add sound boots to reduce noise, which is coming out of your HVAC system. Sound boots are very easy to install and very lightweight. It eliminates the sound transfer in an open plenum ceiling. Sound boots are often installed in schools and hospitals where you don’t expect the external sound to hamper the operation or study. This method is a great way to block the sound coming out of your HVAC system.

These are the top 3 ways to reduce HVAC noise in an office for a better work environment.


See the summary of this content here in the infographic – 3 Ways to Reduce HVAC Noise in Office [Infographic]


3 Ways to Reduce HVAC Noise in Office
3 Ways to Reduce HVAC Noise in Office


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