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Trane XC95m 80000 BTU 95% Modulating Stage Gas Furnace TUHMB080ACV3VB $8,400.00 available in stock


Trane’s XC95m series 80000 BTU 95% AFUE Two Stage Upflow/Horizontal Modulating 3 Ton Gas Furnace TUHMB080ACV3VB is an efficient heating unit for your home.

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Trane’s XC95m series 80000 BTU 95% AFUE Two Stage Upflow/Horizontal Modulating 3 Ton Gas Furnace TUHMB080ACV3VB is an efficient heating unit for your home. The Comfortlink IITM Communicating 3 Ton furnace design of this heating solution allows simple plug-and-play as it ensures maximum engineering potency. Like other gas furnaces from Trane’s XC95m series, this 3 Ton unit is equipped with modulating gas valves to ensure long heating cycles and consistent indoor heating comfort.

It’s Durable, Cycle tested, Aluminized Steel Heat Exchanger offers optimum heat exchange and corrosion resistance. Overall, it’s a nice package for home heating comfort.

Features of Trane XC95m 95% AFUE 80000 BTU Two Stage 3 Ton Modulating Gas Furnace TUHMB080ACV3VB

  1. Low energy power vents blower
  2. The solid state devices of the integrated system control allow continuous monitoring for existence of flame.
  3. Variable Speed blower motor of this unit offers ample airflow for heating and cooling and the fan blowing settings change according to the thermostat
  4. Utilizes an Adaptive Heat Up Silicon Nitride Hot Surface Ignition system to eliminate the waste of a constant burning pilot.
  5. Has a variable speed ECM blower motor with Comfort RTM
  6. The Comfortlink IITM Communicating furnace design of this unit offers simple plug-and-play while ensuring maximum engineering performance.
  7. The gas furnace is ready to be connected to the 3 wire hook-up with the TCONT900 or the TZONE950 comfort control for communicating mode.
  8. The efficiently designed operational program offers total control of the furnace gas valve, limit sensors, flame control, blowers and also includes self diagnostics to detect any fault.
  9. The XC95m gas furnace has the special type 29-4C™ secondary stainless steel heat exchanger
  10. Advanced CleanEffects™ air filtration system can be added for a healthier airflow
  11. Cycle tested, Durable, Aluminized Steel Heat Exchanger offers efficient heat exchange & resistance against corrosion
  12. Ensures less than 2% air leak
  13. Heavy gauge steel cabinet with baked-on enamel finish ensures durability & beauty.
  14. Multiport In-shot burners offer years of quiet & efficient service
  15. The modulating gas valves of this unit offers long heating cycles to ensure consistent indoor heating comfort.

Specifications of Trane XC95m Single Stage 80000 BTU 95% AFUE Modulating Upflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace TUHMB080ACV3VB

Gas Furnace General Specifications

Capacity 80000 BTU
AFUE 95%
Motor Horsepower 1/2 HP
Minimum Circuity Ampacity 7.5 A
Maximum Overcurrent Protection 15 A

Gas Furnace Dimensions

Furnace Height (Crated) 41.75 Inch (es)
Furnace Width (Crated) 19.5 Inch (es)
Furnace Depth (Crated) 30.5 Inch (es)

Gas Furnace Weight

Furnace Weight 156 Pound (s)
Shipping Weight 168 Pound (s)

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